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clutchless gear changes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    I have just bought a brand new Honda cb900 hornet and I am in the running in process.

    I have always had carbuerrated bikes and this one is fuel injected and I am having a little trouble with going up through the gears. It seem "snatchy" and I am sure it is only a "getting used to" type of things, but I have done a couple of clutchless up changes with smooth results.

    I have always used my clutch since I have ridden, but I am wondering:

    Does a clutchless upchange harm any internal workings and should I at least wait until after the 1000km service????

    who else uses clutchless gear changes and have they had any clutch/gearbox problems??

    This maybe in mechanicals section, but it is also related to riding tips.

    Thanx in advance

  2. try not to do clutchless down shifts. If you know the matching rev range you can easily upshift at the right time.

    If you really want to go trick. Get a power commander and quick shift lever fitted. never have to use you clutch again :grin:
  3. Clutchless shifts are fine, although I tend to be careful going through neutral between first and second. Make sure your shifts are all good strong ones, no pussy-footing it, that's what roots gear selector dogs.
  4. It won't wreck it as long as you do the clutchless up shifts right. To do a clutchless up shift make sure your chain is adjusted properly. Before you do your clutchless upshift apply slight pressure to your gear lever, slightly back off the throttle and push through the gear. If you don't back off the throttle enough the gear will not be pushed through and if you back off the throttle too much it will be a jerky change. Only do this changing up through the gears as you should always use the clutch changing down.
  5. what was the advantage of doing a clutchless shift as opposed to a shift with clutch? just curious as i dont have a clue
  6. seemingly much quicker and smoother with feul injections............only on the upshifts, and can apparently be done on down shifts with a lot of practice/mistakes :LOL:
  7. Can you say why you should (have to?) use the clutch changing down please. Thanks :)
  8. Ok thanks heaps jeff :wink:

    I remember doing q-ride when i was out at kuraby near the big gun butcher, i went down gear without clutch by accident and it seemed ok, but i didnt do it again. I didnt do a clutchless up shift though
  9. Heyyyyy!!! It's a brand new bike, you're going to take 1000km before the gearbox feels half decent, about 3000km before it feels lovely. Right now it's full of friction from the manufacturing process. IF you have to do clutchless changes, at least wait until the breakin is complete... :grin:
  10. Because in my opinion Jeff as a street rider with a brand new Honda cb900 hornet that is being run in he should be using the clutch to down shift. You can do it if you get it right and match rpm for the next gear but its harder to master than clutchless up shifting and if you get it wrong it could lock the back wheel, cause increased wear in the gearbox or unsettle the bike from bad rear wheel chatter.
  11. That's just the reaction I am asking about, thanks..........I have only done a couple just to see.

    Anyone disagree with Hotcam??????
  12. :LOL: at people saying don't do clutchless down shifts, blip the throttle, you have to match revs with road speed no matter if your shifting up or down, you have more chances in making a mess of it doing clutchless up shift then you do down shifts

    its easier to get the revs up with out pulling the clutch in, then it is to get them down for the up shift with out pulling the clutch in
  13. I believe it would be way easier to get the rpm up with the clutch engaged? Also the worst thing that could happen with a clutchless up shift is its jerky or it does not go through? When down shifting to a corner you can lock up your rear wheel or get bad rear wheel chatter if you don't do it right that will really unsettle the bike. I'm confused now. :cry:

  14. and if you are when your doing clutchless changes, basically means that the only way your not doing it using the clutch is slipping the clutch during the change, if you can't do it, or your scared your will lhave compression lock up don't do it, but suggesting others not to, because you don';t have faith in yourself isn't right, only time my clutch is used is take off and first to second, has been from the time i got my learners, and never locked the wheel up, also in a emergency when i need to stop urgently
  15. qbnspeedfreak so you would be recommending to Jeff he never use the clutch to down shift again unless coming to a complete stop?
  16. i would suggest every rider do what they feel confident with, everyone is different

    i'm just saying there's no reason to be scared of clutchless down shifts, if you are getting compression lock up, work on blipping the throttle more, i know twice as many people that will do a clutchless down shift over a up shift, it all comes down to personal preference...
  17. i always though that gearing down without the clutch would shred the gears like in a car? i could c how gearing down without the clutch would help, especially while doing corners, or uturning.

    would it be ok to do this on a cbr250rr?


    just found that little gem of info from google
  18. How do you blip the throttle while doing a clutchless downshift?
  19. The ONLY way the gear dogs can engage is if the dogs and gear they are about to engage are going at the same speed and under no load. This is why you must unload the geartrain with a momentary relaxation of throttle load on the engine (you can also do it just by allowing engine and road speed to match when accelerating moderately).
    Ergo, you CANNOT lock up the rear doing clutchless downshifts, as engine rpms and engine load MUST be matched to rear wheel speed and load for any engagement to take place, just as you cannot spin up the rear wildly on a clutchless upshift.
    What you do with the throttle after the downshift/upshift however, can determine if you lock up the rear or not.
    I up and downshift the GTR clutchless on a daily basis.
    On a new bike, I would just go ahead and do it if teh shift feels positive and smooth. Nothing to break at all.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Clutch?? for changing gears??? up or down???

    Surley you Jest???