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Clutchless Gear Change

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fast, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Is this recommened? (ZZR600) Does it cause premature gear damage? Is there a proper method?

  2. Its not recommended. Not as much as a worry for upshifts, but definitely for upshifts.

    IMO if you're racing and money isn't an object sure go for it, but otherwise its one of those know you can do it when you have to (clutch cable breaks or whatever), but dont do it.

    Reason is its very very hard to get revvs matched exactly to new gear so you're causing wear/damage to something.
  3. i do it all the time, maybe I'm just lazy :)

    starting to stop using clutch on downshifts too :)
  4. thanks!

    Thanks bloke that makes sense

  5. Clutchless shifting is fine.

    The only type of shifting that specifically roots a transmission is weak/uncertain shifting that does not cause the dogs to fully engage, so they don't go fully into the slots and the edges get rounded off. You start slipping out of gears etc.

    So clutchless or with the clutch, give it plenty of welly.
  6. Or accidentally clicking down instead of up, or vice-versa :LOL: :oops:
  7. sigh, here we go again.

    Motorcycle constant mesh gearboxes are meant to be shifted without the clutch, at least on the way up (with plenty of revs) and on the way down too, if you know how to do it. I've done it on every bike I've ever owned and never had a trace of clutch or gearbox problems.

    Rev, pre-load the pedal, cut the throttle, click it through. Simple, and very satisfying......
  8. I thought the clutch was just used for taking off and and when stopping to prevent the bike from stalling :? :?

    I clutchless shift all the time.
  9. r u guys all serouse
    i pull the clutch in when changing gears am i the only one sane or crazy here
  10. The vtr loves to have its clutch left out. On the way up its as easy as preloading the shifter, and holding the throttle full noise till it bounces off the rev limiter and the gear snicks in. you can do this all the way to top if you like, but you will get there real fast, so dont try it in traffic :D

    On the way down, once small blip on the gas, whilst loading the shifter down, and she slides straight in.

    All just a case of matching the revs to the speed of the gear you want.
  11. I'm quite "serouse" :grin:

    Since you're the only sane one zbike, just what damage do you think us insane folk are doing?? While you're at it, let us know just what the clutch is doing in terms what it is engaging and disengaging...

    I'm keen to learn the error of my ways... no seriously.
  12. :oops: I'd like to hear more on this. Could someone write up an explanation? In the simplest way possible? :oops: :) Or perhaps point me in the right direction - I know so little about the workings of the bike, but I'm keen to learn! :)
  13. Whether or not I shift without the clutch depends on where the revs are at.

    If they're a bit low, a one-fingered dab of the clutch to help things along does the trick. If they're in the upper ranges, I do them wouthout touching the clutch.

    Though, clutchless shifting a very useful thing to learn. It got me home when my left hand had a broken bone after I got cleaned up by a cyclist. It was agony to pull in the clutch, but it wasn't a problem because I could shift without touching the clutch!
  14. Strangely enough, my 675 likes it best/easiest for clutchless shifting when I am either in low rev ranges (4-6K RPM) or high (12K RPM+)