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Clutchless downshifting

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Time, May 15, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    I have been clutchless down shifting for a while now except for 1st gear. But after reading some of the previous posts quite a few people don't recommend it ....why?

    I don't use the gear box to slow myself down but use front and rear brakes. I down shift when I feel I am at the right speed ie. slightly slower speed than the gear I am downshifting to . This I usually do when coming to a giveway sign , stop sign or round about. At the giveway and roundabout (if I am still rolling) and need to take off again this is when I use the clutch to downshift to the right gear , usually 2nd . If I need to come to a full stop this is when I use the clutch ie. 1st and 2nd gear.

    Making sure I'm in the right rev range and speed before downshifting avoids the "bucking" . The 250 bandit I ride is a six speed and doesn't seem worse for wear by me coming down from gears 6 5 4 to 3.

    am I totally wrong?
  2. Why risk it? I can't see any advantage in clutchless downshifting. Going up the gears I can understand, but isn't this just putting extra wear on your gearbox? I don't see it as wrong just puzzled as to why you'd do it.
  3. I agrees Seanus. I feel the same way about swifting up most of the time aswell. It's not like your some MotoGP riding going for it. I can understand clutchless upshifting if your giving it a bit of a fang but 90% of the time there's not point.

    Why put the extra strain on your gearbox and wear things out quicker then they need to all for the trouble of squeezing your left hand 1/2 second before changing gears??
  4. When you cop a heap of twisties in a row trust me your left wrist prays for you to do clutchless shifts.

    Or you could get a twin and forget about changing gears in the twisties.
  5. Or a just about any big donk with a 5 speed. My FJR will take me from 15km/h to 150 km/h in one gear. Many think 5 speeds are at a disadvantage. Close ratio means ya need to change more often.

    For me I find I half shift. That is to say my bike (yamaha) prefer a quick sqeeze of the clutch, but not a full squeeze. That I have found is the smooooothest way of shifting my box.

  6. what the hell are you doing with your wrist through the twisties vic, didn't know that saab had a hand clutch?
  7. clutchless shifting is great as long as you do it properly i.e. pre-load the lever and blip the throttle as you shift. you shouldnt notice anything besides smoother shifts and less mucking around with the clutch.

    you can still do it between 1st and 2nd, but you have to give the lever a nice firm push or you'll get stuck in neutral. I think it depends on the bike too.

    and you can stop the "bucking" with the throttle, but it may be hard on the 250cc since its rather light and has to rev up more.
  8. i've always used cluthless shifting cause my wrist got sore as a motherphucker, the only time i use the clutch is when i'm shifting down mid corner.

    i've been doing it for 30,000kms on the kwacka and havent noticed any problems with the gear box (yet) however i did strip the rear sprocket at broadford doing it :(

    personally if it works for you, you do it properly, are prepared to pay for stripped gears/sprockets, screw it, do it :)

    try and do it without the bike bucking, takes a bit of practice but once you get it its golden :D

    the clutch is evil
  9. I'd have to ask like some of the others...why???
    Clutchless is for things where you don't have time to muck around with the lever. i.e Racing around a track or for me I do it to shift whilst up on one wheel. But you don't want to be doing this all the time, day in and out.
    Raff mentioned sore wrists!! ha go back to some early model big bore bikes and see how your wrist would feel! Bikes these days are nothing to shift, though some of the bikers coming out seem like little girls..."Oh my wrists are sore" Hey you know there are scooters with auto and semi-auto trannies!!
  10. I ride a Honda CBR1000F. Being a sports tourer type of bike, it's not an R1, nor is it a mega revving 600 type of bike. Usually, I keep it in about 3rd and rev between 5,000 and 10,000 rpm, depending on the road, if I want to keep the pace up say through the Reefton, sections of the Mansfield-Whitfield road. Usually, though, I'm swapping between 3rd and 4th along these sorts of roads.

    I rode my very first V-twin recently. A mate has a Firestorm, and I rode it from Cumberland Junction to Buxton.

    It was an eye opener, and as Vic says, leave it on one gear for all corners, and it works well.

    I was taking it easy, because being someone else's bike and totally different to what I'm used to, I didn't give it a flogging. Just kept it in 4th.

    With this bike, clutchless downshifting would be a developed artform if you didn't want to continually lock up the rear and risk overshooting a tight corner.