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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blaringmike, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Recently I did an oil change and used fully synthetic oil. Everything went great for the first week or so, then taking off from the lights changing up into second I went to give it a bit and my bike just revved.

    Being a noob I quite often accidentaly select neutrul so i thought that it what i'd done, after i look at the light i saw it wasnt on than a couple of seconds later the bike slids into gear and off i go.

    I thought that this was just a once off seeing it only happpened once in a week of riding then today the same thing happened, only after having no power and being in second(no neutrul light on) the bike then slid itself back into neutrul.

    Is this a clutch problem or is it the synthetic oil that people on here always go on about?

  2. You didnt adjust your clutch cable at all?

    You can always try changing back to a semi-synthetic, see if that helps, or maybe a thinner/thicker oil?
  3. I used 20w-50 in it. Most people i talk to have said they use 10W-40. Is there much difference between the two??
  4. Is it motorcycle oil or car oil you used?
  5. Motul Motorcycle oil.
  6. If the culutch has no adjustment left you will need a new one. (not uncommon for 250's to wear out clutches due to n00bs riding)
    Lighter weight oil (10 - 40) will make it worse. Start saving.
  7. If you rev it and dump the clutch will the clutch slip for awhile even though you have let the clutch completely out?
  8. Is it the clutch slipping, or is the gearbox actually not going "click" into gear at the right time??

  9. Some of those who replied haven't read your post correctly.

    This is not a clutch issue - you did not correctly engage second gear, or the gear change selector mechanism or the pawl which holds it in place, is faulty or worn.

    It is not uncommon for bikes to slip out of gear, or not engage properly, when worn. The cure is to make deliberate 2nd gear changes, and hold the lever up until after you let the clutch out and the bike is moving under power. Then drop it back down.

    Get it looked at, anyway.

    It's not the fault of the synthetic oil. Please use the correct "weight" oil - if it says 10w-40, use that! Since your present oil is slightly "thicker" there is a very slim chance that it could be contributing to the problem.

    Just follow the tip given above and ignore the comments on clutch slip - the bike simply jumped out of gear, according to your description.

    If the clutch is slipping the engine will rev somewhat more, but under load instead of free-revving as in neutral. The bike will speed up or slow down when the clutch is slipping, but will noticeably rev more than the increase in speed justifies. When you back off it will slow down - if it's not in gear there will be no acceleration or deceleration of the bike as you rev it up and down.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  10. Lighter weight oil will make it better. The thicker the oil the harder it is for the clutch plates to "grip" each other - the oil provides a film to lubricate and cause slippage between wearing parts...

    It's not clutch slip in this case, anyway.


    Trevor G
  11. Agree its not clutch slip. My bad for not reading the OP fully. :oops:

    However you are wrong on the oils.. Think how much of a "clunk" happens when you engauge first on a cold gearbox compared to one that has warmed up. That is the action of thicker oil trying to provide drive.
    Doesnt happen when the oil is nice and warm does it? :wink: