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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blackjackx, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and gals just got a quick question.

    I can feel my clutch slipping at times and its getting quite annoying. Ive also found there is a false neutral between 5 and 6th gears as well.

    Just curious if i need to get a new clutch or is this easily remedied?

    Also how much will a new clutch set me back (for a zzr250) and is it easy enough to do at home or should i take it and get it properly done at a repairer?


    - NathanieL
  2. well you could try adjusting it unless you are so keen to part with your cash. there are two points for adjustment on a clutch cable, one is right next the lever. i find two sets of pliers is best for this puppy.
    the second is where the clutch cable is held next to there clutch casing. youll need a couple of open ended spanners, probably around 10-12mm ones. the freeplay you are aiming for (freeplay is where the lever is limp, no resistance at all) is between 10-20mm, unless the factory manual says differently.
    if you have adjusted the freeplay correctly, and the clutch is still slipping, especially in higher gears, well yep youll need a new one.
    you have a number of options when replacing the clutch, the first thing youll definatley need to replace are the friction discs, fibrous material, the clutch plates, metal douvy lackers will probably also need replacing. springs best if you do, but not essential unless its outside the service limit. the clutch center basket, again best if you do, but not essential, and it doubles the price of the rest of the components combined.

    when i did my clutch, at about 45000kms (and it was totally shagged) i brought new springs, plates and discs. it cost me about 200 bucks. the clutch center basket would have been an additional 400 bucks.

    ohh and youll need to soak the friction discs in engine oil for a few hours

    you will need special tools, especialy a clutch center holder, i improvised by sticking a spanner inbetween the rim and the swing arm to hold it in place, and i definatley wouldnt recommend that. they are not that hard to make yourself or maybe even a universal type could be had repco etc.
    it took me about 40 mins to take everything apart and put the new clutch in, it took me 3 hours the scrape the old gasket off the RH casing afterwards.
    fundly enough a gasket scrapper was the first thing i brought after this job.
    job finished, fresh oil, did 100kms, changed the oil again and 2nd gear clutch monos were happening again :grin:

    get the factory manual first to see what exactly is entailed in the job. from my experiance working on kwakas they are friggin pricks to do work on, read over the procedure a few times first before you think about doing it yourself. its not a very hard job at all really.

    hope that helps

  3. ..

    Sounds like it is slipping... mine started slipping at 35,000 k's and was only at high rpm or when trying to slip the clutch it would "hang on" a little bit after it was released tried both adjustments and didn't work.
    My clutch on a 98 hornet was about $500 for all the friction plates, springs and new pressure plate.
    I actually snapped my pressure plate trying to use an "improvised" clutch plate tool.... :(
    It is a really really easy job if you have the manual.. just keep the old plates in the order you pulled them off in. There was also a little metal ring that needed to go on a certain way but the manual highlighted that (i cant remember what its called started with 'j')
    To get the middle bolt off Honda themselves said they use a rattle gun because of the torque it will spin the bolt right off... same process putting it back on.
    I used that method and it came off in 1 go and was easy. that was after i failed using other methods.
    So in all i highly recommend doing it yourself to save $$$ and just use a rattle gun.. easy pesy.
  4. Probably just needs adjusting.

    Also, adjust your chain as this can effect the way the gearbox operates and may help with the false neutral.