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Clutch will not disengage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Viator, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Found nothing with a search so here goes...

    The clutch on my KX60 wont disengage. Today I went and replaced the clutch cable because the last one was snapped, but still the clutch wont work.

    I have tightened the cable as much as possible to disengage the clutch but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. The lever on top of the clutch casing moves when you pull the actual clutch lever but it seems like it is disconnected from the actual clutch?

    -So I've put a new and tightened clutch cable on
    -The rear wheel spins freely in neutral
    -The rear wheel wont spin in first gear when I pull the clutch lever in and push the wheel with my hand.

    Can anyone please help? I assume I will need to pull the clutch appart to fix the problem but I have never done it before and I doubt I will be able to spot the problem myself without any help.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. You will need at least to take the clutch cover off, which will probably necessitate you disconnecting the actuating lever to which the cable attaches.

    When you get the cover off you will probably find that the lower end of the shaft is broken, or bent or something like that. You will have to replace it.

    That's my diagnosis anyways :LOL:.
  3. Cheers hornet. Now I think I'll have to try and find a service manual for it so I know what this shaft thingy majiggy looks like in real life.
  4. I had an old paddock banger that the clutch seized on from time to time. The best way I found to break the plates apart was what Roarin showed me: put bike in neutral, push it til it's going fast as hell, pull in clutch, jam it into first. You might find they separate then - at which point you can probably stick in some fresh oil.
  5. Thanks Loz. Don't think it'll work though. I tried running real fast and clutch starting it but couldn't get it going. Don't know why the bike wont start at the moment but it's trying. You can tell it wants to. It just splutters and dies.

    Poor little bike.
  6. Sorry if this is too obvious, but is it possible the cable is over-tightened? If there is constant tension on the cable, even if the lever is 'at rest' it will have the clutch engaged... Had something similar on my old GPX250 while I was playing around with stuff.

  7. You will need to get the bike running to test the clutch, even if it's very
    slightly sticky that would stop you turning the wheel by hand.

    Can you push the bike forward in gear or does the back wheel skid??
  8. No, if the cable is over-tensioned it will have the clucth DIS-engaged, even at rest. The 'at-rest' default is for the clutch to be engaged.
  9. Yea it is ever so slightly obvious thanks.

    What hornet said. If I had it too loose the clutch would be engaged and too tight the clutch would be disengaged. Currently it is very tight.

    I can't get the back whell to spin in first even when I push the bike with the clutch in. The rear wheel just drags. Maybe this is because the clutch is stuck good and it is only a light bike so the rear wheel doesn't move.

    Little more history: The bike ran fine after it was taken to a bike shop to get a full service a little while ago. Then my mischevious brother took it around to my mischevious cousin's house and they must have thrashed the poor thing. They wont own up to anything breaking under their watch and my brother says it should work fine now, but obviously it doesn't.

    How does a clutch break like that?
  10. ... the same way a lying little brother does when you smack him in the head for damaging your bike....
  11. need a hand viator
  12. Thanks for the offer oldbell.

    I wont take you up though because my dad owns the bike so can't be arsed trailering it all the way to your place to fix his problem. I have my own bike to be worried about.

  13. This doesn't mean the clutch is not dis-engaging. Many bikes are like this.

    Get the bike started.