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Clutch Travel Distance/Blipping

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Irish_, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Just did the Stay Upright Advanced Course 1 Seminar (havent done the actual day yet) over the weekend, and we were shown a few things in the class room that I've been trying to implement since.

    One was blipping on the downshift. Now coupled to this, was the titbit that the clutch lever does not have to be fully pulled in to change the gears. I've heard about this before, but not from a trained pro, so been using that since. On upshifts, I havent noticed a massive difference then from pulling in fully, maybe other then the fact I now get up to speed a bit faster.

    But on downshifts, I cant seem to get the sequence right with the blip as the Im not pulling the clutch in far. I either miss it, or else the bike surges ahead. I've seen some forum posts recommending that the clutch be pulled in fully to allow the blip but....:?

    Any thoughts or recommendations? One thing I forgot to ask was: is it clutch - blip - shift - clutch out or clutch - shift - blip - clutch out... or simply a case of the three kind-of-simultaneously-but-not-really...

    PS: Just want to say. I wasnt sure if I could make the seminar as I work late on a Friday sometimes. Very glad I did. 3 hours seems a bit excessive, but it flies by, and learned some really good stuff, like using the rear brake (softly) through a corner to stop the bike from snapping as you exit a corner. Has made a difference, I have to say...