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Clutch slipping?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by geeth, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. After a long ish ride on the er6 I noticed if I quickly opened the throttle to max the revs would shot right up but the speed of the bike wasn't increasing that much.

    If I roll it open pretty quickly it would accelerate as per normal the revs went up fine and speed to match it.

    Does this mean my clutch is slipping?
    Or is this normal or some other issue?
  2. Sure sounds like clutch slippage to me.
  3. Thought so, apparently wrong weight oil can cause this to.
    I am running 15-50w
    Any thoughts?
  4. Oil sounds OK, as long as it's manufacturer's spec. I'd be looking more at the adjustment of the clutch cable and the clutch lever.
  5. How is the adjustment on your clutch? Have you got the correct amount of clearance at the lever?

    If your adjustment is out and the cable doesn't have sufficient slack your clutch will be starting to operate even when you aren't using it. Maybe enough to cause slip when you power on hard.
  6. I have just checked it, and have it at 2 - 3 mm freeplay now. hopefully it will sort it.
  7. Went for a ride today and in gears 2 through 4 I gave it a hearty wrist full and no slipping
  8. Good news. Easy fix like that is always good. :)
  9. Unfort it would seem that I hadn't fixed it.

    Though I may have worked out the issue. The clutch lever didn't spring back the entire way.

    When I got home tonight, I put the bike on the rear stand and slapped it into first and let go of the clutch lever and tried to spin the rear wheel and it did move.

    The clutch lever hasn't been springing all the way back and it would seem that it's caused the clutch not to grab enough. Enough to move but to slip easy.

    So I pulled the lever off and tried to spin the rear wheel by hand and couldn't - I know hand isn't going to be as strong as the bikes pull - but I knew that it would grip.

    So I put the clutch lever back on and attached the cable - hadn't bolted in yet - and had it just still there - couldn't move the rear wheel.

    I put the bold through and did it up hand hand and tested the rear wheel couldn't move and spring back on the lever was good, so I did it up tight and noticed that the sping back was shit again and after letting go for the lever I could spin the wheel by hand again.

    So I cracked the nut back by ~ 1/4 turn and the lever spring back as nice and fast without any sign of friction and I couldn't spin the wheel now.

    Then I just tested the friction point by spinning the releasing the clutch to find where it engaged.

    Will post up tomorrow if it's working when riding. pretty confident in it though.
  10. If you havent already done so, its a good idea to lube pivot points when you have things apart, might help a little if you havent yet.
  11. Nah I haven't. Since I am going shopping on the weekend for car oil might as well get a can of cable lube and something to lube the pivots with.
    Any suggestions for the pivots?

    I played with a fooly sik lancer today and opened her up alot and so far no slipping also it's much nicer with the friction point of the clutch further out - it used to be right against the glove.
  12. ER6 have a weak clutch, there are forums on the net about it. and some guy called mordeth13 has a video of his mechanic putting a stronger aftermarket one his with great results.
  13. Lubing the hole on the lever where the nipple of the clutch cable attaches allows it rotate freely when you engage and disengage the lever. Without that rotation as the lever goes in and out you get a bending point in the cable where it goes into the lever. Repeated bending can cause the cable to become brittle and snap.

    Usualy lube is just a dab of grease when you put in the new cable. Probably a bit of oil would also do.
  14. still a bit of geeth ?. you sure that drop it had didnt effect the lever. yeah they can slip if you are lazy on the release but in general they work just fine. for the test of it go get some motul (ugh) oil and try that.