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Clutch Slipping and doing damage!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Grimjaur, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Guess What!! i did use to search before this :shock: that must be a first :LOL:

    Anyway this happens when the bike is hot or cold. It has happened in other gears but the most common one is 2nd. What happens is that i go from 1st to 2nd or 3rd to 2nd and say about 30% of the time the bike just slips into neutral. The reason i know this is doing damge is becuase it goes over redline most of the time.

    Awhile ago i did drown the bike but now enough to have to dedrown it. A couple of days later a mate said i should probably just check my oil, BINGO what do you know, have bloody water have oil. Anyway the water just wouldnt come out we pumped at least 15L of just normal engine oil through to try and get it out. We got most of the water out and put fresh proper gear box oil in..yes and it was the proper stuff, not car. It still had a bit of water in it after that so i ran that for a week then drained and replaced again, all looked good.

    Anyway if you have managed to read to here, well done :p The bike has only done 950km's so could this possibly be a factory problem?? Or any other ideas??

    Thanks fellas :grin:
  2. Still under warranty take it back to the dealer! Careful what you say about you & your mate so that you don't void your warranty! Good luck!!
  3. Is this your first bike? It is possible you're not kicking the gear lever hard enough and it fails to engage as a result. Sometimes, you've just gotta show then who's boss. :)
  4. Not possible, ive absolutely booted the hell out of it with moto x boots on and it still does it. But i have found if you keep holdng it up with your foot until it gets into the high revs then it wont pop back down, but you shouldnt have to do that should you?

    Yeah we will say its my first bike...thieving bastards!!
  5. Could be a fault, try engaging the gear, let the clutch out whilst holding the tension on the pedal a little with your foot for about 1/2 to 1 sec. I've been told that it is a good way to ensure a positive gearchange. If symptoms persist, see your dealer post haste.
  6. No you shouldn't. Ezyryder's advice is good but you shouldn't "have " to do that either. Make use of your warranty and let your Yammy dealer sort it out mate. :)
  7. are you using proper bike oil?
  8. How about not accelerating so hard when changing gears?
  9. Its only 175cc!!! i gotta give it all i can :twisted:

    Of course its proper bike oil thats why i said, i pumped car oil through then put PROPER BIKE OIL IN :mad: