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Clutch slams goes into first gear quiet hard not

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rudebwoy, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Im very new to this so not sure if this question has been asked before i have a yzf r1000 2001 model with 27000km i got this bike pretty cheap but im not to good with problems for a bike, when u put the bike into first gear it goes in quiet hard can this be fixed buy adusting the the clutch or dose it need to be fully replace can any one give me some advice plesae?[/b]

  2. Check this out:


    That's not an exact way to look at it, but when you're chenging gears, you're pushing the cog on the left and the right together. One's spinning with the wheels, the other with the engine, through the clutch.

    When you change gears, the "dogs" or tabs on one gear need to fall into the slots on the other gear and start turning it at the same rate. When your bike's stopped, the side that's spinning with the wheels is at a dead stop, and when you've got the clutch in, the input shaft is spinning along idly with the engine because there's enough friction in the clutch oil to keep it going.

    So when you select first, the gear that's connected to the wheels is actually dragging the input shaft back to a dead stop from its idle spin, and that can make a big clunk or even sometimes bounce a bit. And that's what you're feeling.
  3. not bad, yourself
  4. Sums it up
    ie it's normal.
    Try it on a kwaka or a BMW boxer.
    and welcome.
  5. no1 likes a smart arse goz :p
  6. Its normal. That model R1 in particular.
  7. I agree with everyone else but have to say...

    I think that this is the most random thread title I have ever seen.
  8. Here's two experiments for you;

    Experiment 1: (nice test)

    motor running;
    put in neutral
    pull clutch in
    wait a minute (keep clutch pulled in)
    kick for first <-- prob noting will happen, might not even go into gear.

    Experiment 2: (not so nice a test)

    motor running;
    in neutral
    rev the f^&* out of it
    quickly pull clutch in
    quickly kick for gear
    listen for all sorts of chaos occurring under you
    book it in for repairs.

    Let us know the results.

  9. Cheers Loz, never understood that till now.
  10. if you can drop your idle by a 100 or so do that.
    or. get a new bike
  11. Well put.

    The drag is much more pronounced with a cold engine too - so much so that you'd NEVER start something like a cold and in gear gpx250 with only the clutch disengaged... you need a healthy amount of front brake as well.