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Clutch? RGV250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RgvRider, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hey guy/girls, Ive manage to fix my stalling problem but now it seem like theres a problem with the clutch/gearbox? Everytime i put it into gear it would just stall and if i try to start it in 1st gear with clutch in.. seems like its in gear and wont kick over and when i manage to get into gear without stalling, even with clutch in just a little rev and it would move forward. Im leaning towards my clutch cable has too much slack and needs to be adjusted? Or is my clutch/gearbox about to die on me?


  2. I would say try to adjust your clutch cable first. If that doesn't help, then your clutch has packed it in and you need a new one.

    Download the workshop manual and check things out, if you haven't done it already
  3. Yep fiddle with the cable first up.
  4. Maybe check the side stand. cause they are usual symptoms.

    If not get the rear wheel of the ground and release the clutch see when the sprocket starts to move. Depending on how far released the lever is it could need adjustment or maybe ur clutch is rooted, maybe the gear paw/lifter is loose etc

    Did ur clutch slip alot last time, or did the transmission jump out?? Any strange noises.
  5. Nope hasn't been slipping. Funny thing is i rode it go buy oil fine and after the oil change it rode fine for 10mins and this happened. Gona play with the clutch cable and see what happens.
  6. oils aint oils
    what kind did u put in?
  7. yep ^^
    thats wot i am thinking.
  8. 10-40w 4stroke for gearbox and 2 stroke oil (motul 800v) for engine.
  9. Is the gearbox oil intended for a car or a bike. Cause from what i hear car oil sometimes include an additive that roots clutches(car clutches are usually dry).

    Seriously if ur willing to put motul 2t in, then i would put high quality 2stroke specific gearbox oil. Gearbox suffer alot of wear in 2 strokes, thats why when u drain the oil lots of metal bits are in there.
    Motul ester based ones are good, i am currently using fuchs light gear oil that works very well.