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Clutch Repair F##K UP

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Browncoat, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. I bought new friction plates and springs for my DT200R clutch and was using a piece of aluminium to lock up the clutch basket and hub so I could undo the big nut holding it all together when "CHING" I snapped off a piece of the clutch basket....... Very stressed.. I took a deep breath and calmly closed the garage door behind me.

    I am loathe to price a new basket and hub from the dealership. Am I likely to find a second hand basket&hub at a wreckers? and would this be an acceptable way to proceed? how much do you think I am up for? I would be ringing around for prices but its friday afternoon.. everyones closed.

    Really just wanted to share in the hopes it would lessen my pain. doesnt seem to be working :)

    I felt like such an idiot..
  2. I would've thought a wrecker would have one.
  3. God it's been ages since I watched Firefly.
  4. Best show EVER was Firefly....

    I was really hoping someone would chime in with a "don't feel bad man, i've done that before".. or "you think thats bad, i once...". Heh :)

    Yeah, well i'll start the ring around tomorrow I guess. shit I might even have to buy the "official tool" to hold the clutch basket&hub without breaking it....
  5. Shut off the clutch's connection to the sump and install a dry clutch so people think you have a ducati.
  6. I still can't undo that frackin nut in the centre of clutch hub...
  7. Saturate it with WD40 and try again later?
  8. Most likely you will need a rattle gun to crack the nut off,
    Then try JDK motorcycle wreckers in Toormina [ Coffs Harbour ] 66582299 and ask for Shane and tell him Bob said to say your a ******** but will give me a good price on a basket/ complete clutch for my DT200 .

    Ps: I used to work there :angel:
  9. Thanks VTRBob,

    I will give them a ring. Not sure what to do about a rattle gun tho..
  10. rattle gun will do it.

    if you don't have one, either:

    1) buy an "elcheapo" from Supercheap or similar. My cheapy has earnt it's keep 10fold.
    2) put the motor in the car, and drive down to a mechanic shop, and ask nicely if they can give it a hit with their rattle gun.

    as for the replacement bit, go to a wreckers, you may be able to get an entire motor (or at least the bottom end & gearbox) for cheap.

    good luck.
  11. Just bought an el-cheapo rattle gun from supercheap, took all of 2 secs to get the nut off. Awesome, wish I had the rattle gun right from the start. Best price of $120 second hand so far for the clutch basket.
  12. All fixed! $110..

    VTRBob the wreckers you suggested wanted $150.. mind you I couldnt bring myself to mention your name, perhaps they might have come down in price. They might have asked for more too :)

    Rattle gun FTW!