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clutch rebuild tools

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. my clutch is on the way out, ive already got the replacement goodies on (back)order. i am however missing a couple of tools. can anyone tell me where i can get a clutch centre holder and a universal holder in the sydney area? or point out a way i can improvise? any help would be greatly appreciated.
    also is the non hardening aviation sealent ok to use on the casing gasket surface???


  2. Getting a clutch off.

    Clutch cover- easy
    Remove springs- easy
    Remove cover -easy
    Remove pressure plate- easy
    remove clutch hub nut----------- :evil: :evil: :evil: Damn pain in the arse. Cause u gotta hold the clutch hub with a tool and then get the nut off.
    U can buy tools to hold it, they cost a fair bit. This one is cheap compared to the suzuki one that cost 180GBP.
    Not sure if it will fit ur bike though.

    U can improvise by making ur own. Thats what i did.
    Get some strong wood with minimal grain or metal. The drill holes so that u can put bolts that align with the spring. Drill a big hole in middle to fit a socket to undo the net. Tool should hold the clutch hub still, making it possible to remove the nut.
  3. Ohh and for sealant for the case cover use threebond.
  4. What sort of bike is it? You shouldn't have to take the clutch basket nut off to merely change friction plates on a Japanese bike.
    I'd say you'll kill the job with a 3/8" drive metric socket set and some screwdrivers.
    Beware resealing the clutch cover, some bikes have a oil passage in the cover which squirts oil onto various components, best to use a proper gasket if this is the case. Hold teh gasket in place with a few light dabs of contact cement while you position it.
    Kawasaki make a good genuine gasket for some of their bikes, it has a dry sealant on both sides, just bolt up and off you go. Genuine is well worth it in this situation.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. i used a screwdriver wedged in the fingers once.......bad idea.

    natta's idea sounds pretty good :)
  6. Agreed you shouldn't need to take the clutch basket nut off for the friction plates. Socket and screwdriver set should do.
  7. Clutch

    If you are replacing the fibre plates soak them in new engine oil overnight before fitting them. Also scuff up the steel plates with some emery tape or wet & dry so the new plates will bed in correctly otherwise you may have problems with slippage. Also look at the clutch centre spline where the metal plates run & make sure the aren't too many deep grooves as this may cause the clutch to shudder. Duncan
  8. thanks heaps for all the help guys. its a 2002 VTR 250, ive got new friction discs, clutch plates, springs and a gasket on order, all genuine honda parts. apperently, according to the factory manual, which is notorious for telling porkies, you need to remove the starter clutch and the driven oil pump sprocket to remove the clutch assy. but im guessing thats to check the entire assembly to make sure its all in spec. the bike only has 40000kms, so will checking everything be nesseccary? clutch is stuffed cause im a total bastard to it, especially for the daily commute. im surprised its lasted this long!
    thanks again everyone!

  9. an alternative

    If you really do need to remove the entire assembly a rattle gun with the appropriate socket will sort it out. Youll need to keep a hand on the clutch to stop it free spining but otherwise the rattler gun will do the work.

    I would question if you really need to do a clutch friction plate replacement at 40000. I guess it's possible but have you checked some other things first.
    eg. is there tention on the clutch, if you back the clutch off does it engage correctly.
    Does the cable travel freely or could it be sticking..

    I was just about to replace the clutch on my old XT600e 130 000KM, as it's been slipping for some time.
    On inspection everything is within tolerance except the clutch springs. As it's a big thumper it's worn or pitted the clutch housing which would prevent the clutch plates moving freely when under acceleration. I'll do as the Yammy manual says.. File it down and replace the clutch springs. This exercise will cost about $20 rather than the $150 I'd have to spring for cluch friction plates.
    The bigest tip is ensure you are using the correct oil. Don't use friction modified motor oils or high petergent oil.
    Oils aim oils..when it comes to bikes and wet clutches.
  10. Depends doesn't it? Maybe it's had a couple of learners for owners.
    I had to do teh GTR's clutch a few weeks ago at 85k kms....but I think the previous owner used to tow a trailer.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Your quite right

    As you say it really does depend on the rider and bike.
    I guess those little 250cc screamers probably eat clutches (and other things)
    I fella at work bought one (ZZR 250 I think) for his lady to learn on. It read lined at 14K. To get it off the line you had to bring the reves up to about 4K I guess.. (it's a few years ago)
    His comments were it's hard to get it off the line but once your going your really going.
    I didn't argue with a fellow motorcyclist but I'm sure I remember they look great, they make heaps of noise but while you watch them go past they seem to take a hell of a long time to go past..

    85K isn't such a long distance either on a big boys clutch but as you say you never know what the previous owner has done with it.
    My FJR has 60K on it (fingers crossed) it seems as fresh as a new one..(the bastard will probably start slipping tomorrow)

    Cheers Andrew.

  12. Rattle gun is the go, and damned handy anyway.

    It *CAN* be done using the big screwdriver or locking pliers tricks but is unbelievably difficult to do.

    My answer is simple. When I become Prime Minister of Australia I will pass a new law. By 2015 no child in Australaia will be without a rattlegun.

  13. too late

    At 34 beginning a political career!
    Too late mate.
    We are going to have to either start the riders party or find another existing politician who is sympathetic to your cause..

    Rattle guns for all..(electric or pneumatic?)