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Clutch question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kryt, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys unt gals this may get asked alot but, whats the go with "slipping the clutch" how does one do this and what does it do . Feel free to lolz at me im bad i know it

  2. Hey mate. You don't have your bike yet do you?

    Remember all the way back to your pre-learner course and the term "friction point". This is done by putting the bike in first gear, then slowly releasing the clutch till you hear (or feel) the clutch start to engage. If you don't have the back brake on your bike will want to move forward. Basically that is one example of slipping the clutch. It allows the drive from the engine to be modulated by the clutch plates slipping which results in less drive reaching the back wheel.

    You'll be doing a lot of it when you are practising for your MOS test.

    Fun Ha!
  3. What does "dropping the clutch" mean then?
  4. Letting go of it rather than easing it out.
  5. na i dont yet ssiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhh, i had a idea that it had something todo with that thanks for clarification tho :)
  6. its on the left :D
  7. hurrrr dduuuuurrrrrr, also might be gettin a cbr250 wooo
  8. get a 600/650 cheaper green slip :)

    never mind, just relised its the same, 250 to 750 class
  9. L's and first bike ?
  10. yes

    its called lams, surely u knew that ye?
  11. i swear i checked and did not see cbr600 there
  12. yea know about the list but it must have just gone straight by me a well
  13. cause thats not lams :)
  14. ok im tired and my eyes are seeing what they want to see sorry