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clutch problem-please help me

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tailsy, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if anyone could please help me out here. I have a CBR250RR Repsol.. early 90s model.

    On Thursday I was riding to work and noticed that I lost all tension in my clutch lever and I couldn't change gears with the clutch.. only by banging on the gears. On the way home it was a bit more manageable and it had regained some tension.. likewise even more tension now.

    I think I still can't change gears with the clutch but I'm not too sure. I turned on the bike and sat on it, stationary, and pulled in the clutch and tried to change to first gear and it sort of jumped forward. I don't remember it doing that in the past. I tried to change up to second and it won't with the clutch even though the lever seems to have tension.... I can't change down either.. unless I turn off the bike. Is this normal with a stationary bike? I'm too worried to ride it again just in case the clutch isn't working.

    Any ideas what is wrong please? Does it seem like the clutch is still not working? If so, what do you think the problem is and how do I fix it please?

    Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. probably the clutch cable. what kind of bike would be handy.
  3. Sounds like your clutch cable is hanging by a thread. Symptoms sound very like what I've experienced when most of the strands of the flexible cable have snapped, leaving two or three to do all the work.
  4. Hi, thanks for the replies.. is there any true way of finding out if it is the cable or if it has snapped or hanging by a thread please?

    Model is an early 90s CBR250rr repsol
  5. disconnect the cable, remove it and inspect it. You can also compare the length of it to one in a work shop manual.
  6. Pull the lever in and see if the cable going into the lever is complete; there should be no broken wires. Likewise, check where it attaches to the actuating lever on the clutch case; again it should have no broken or loose wires. It's highly unlikely to be damaged internally as the stress is all that handle-bar and engine end. If the cable is visually ok, then see how much the actuating lever moves at the engine-case end when you pull in the lever; if it moves through a good range, then you may well have a problem with the clutch itself; entirely more expensive.

    (Do these tests with the engine not running, of course).
  7. I'm not good with motorbikes.. so I wouldn't know how to do that.. I'd probably stuff up more things! Any suggestions please on how to do it safely without wrecking more things?
  8. offer a 6-pack and maybe a NR will come around and help.

    the cable is unlikely to be damaged in the middle but on a 20 odd year old bike, it is amazing where you can get rust.
  9. I'm in Wollongong, otherwise :LOL: ....
  10. Good idea.. any NRs out there who knows how to diagnose and fix this clutch problem willing to help me out here please? I'll repay you with food or drink or maybe personal training if you like?

    Thanks in advance.
  11. "Melbourne" is a bit broad; perhaps if you were a bit more specific as to your location..... :)
  12. The South East.. Murrumbeena/Carnegie area near Chadstone Shopping Centre.. please someone help me out. I'd greatly appreciate it!