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Clutch problem on a new Sprint 1050GT

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by markallan7, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Hi, this is my first post so fingers crossed.
    I have a newish Sprint 1050GT and the clutch is not working properly which results in gear changes that feel like the clutch is not engaging.
    For the first few minutes when the engine is cold the clutch action is nearly normal. It gets that bad that I dont select neutral at the lights, prefering to hold the clutch in rather than the bang crash selecting first.
    My Triumph dealer is struggling to resolve the situation and has stopped talking to me, and Triumph Australia is not responding to my email.
    Does this ring a bell with anyone with this drive train ?

  2. First I better say that I don't know the answer but think way more info
    Would help forum
    How old bike
    How old oil
    How old ever thing relevant
    Tried a different sae oil ?
  3. Thanks for the reply,
    How old bike: new 13,000 k. though it was just a running in thing but started to worry around 5000. I am a daily rider thats why I am up to 13k with the same problem.

    How old oil: wondered if this might be the solution due to the condition when cold. changed @5000 and 10000.

    How old every thing relevant: dealer put in different spring tension. took 2 weeks from Triumph. no change.

    Tried a different sae oil ?: yes. problem was discussed at oil change as to whether this would be a solution. no change.

    (have been riding for 40+ years)
  4. Is it a hydraulic clutch or a cable clutch?
    If cable, get your mechanic to check the clutch cable free play. This is something easily done yourself if you can get your hands on a service manual for the bike.
  5. Way outta my league but will throw something up and hopefully
    Someone will add..

    If it's pretty good when cold and worse when warms up 2 things have changed
    Oil viscocity- so a synthetic oil would help here as there more stable with heat
    (Very basically)
    Expansion of clutch - steel etc is there enough throw to disengage, possible
    Too much freeplay
    We need a triump expert though -

  6. If checking clutch cable play is way out of your league then I suspect you are stuck with taking it to a mechanic.

    Have you checked around on a Triumph specific forum? I assume there will be some out there.