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Clutch plate tool

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BJ, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Hey i tried changing my friction plates today and couldn't get the main nut off which is behind the lifter plate. Manual states i need a clutch center holder which we all know is $$ from Honda. I attempted to put some long bolts into the pressure plate and use a long wrench to keep the basket from moving this looked like it was going to work until the pressure plate alloy thread broke off in a large chunk..... ive now ordered a replacement one from Honda $60... more money to spend...
    but how the crapola can i get this nut off without the specific "tool"
    I'm taking the bike on a ute to a mates house tomorrow as honda suggested using a rattle gun to try and break the seal.
    Does anyone have this cclutch center holder or can lend some advice in how to get this darn nut off.

  2. done

    For pure informations sake i managed to get the nut off today using a rattle gun took all of 5 seconds very very easy in the end.
    Changing the clutch has actually been a real easy process apart from using the wrong tool and breaking my pressure plate which appears it doesn't matter as there are a few groove marks from the springs on it so i think it needed replacing anyways.
  3. Groove marks from the springs, don't really matter.
    An impact gun is the easiest way , but sometimes you can just use a big bar.
  4. i stuck a wrench in between the rim and the swingarm when i did mine. im not doing that one again....
    what the hell is a rattle gun?
    yeah chaning the clutch itself is easy enough, only took 30 mins, removing the friggin gasket took almost 2 hours but ](*,)

  5. i always use a rattle gun to get clutch hub nuts off, by far the easiest way to do it, i also use a rag to hold the basket while im doing it.
    A rattle gun is a compressed air powered impact driver. great for clutch nuts, front sprocket nuts, etc, basically anything that u wanna get undone but you cant hold it to stop it from spinning.