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Clutch overhaul on a CD250U - tips?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. I'm starting to think about taking on my buddy's CD250U as a bit of a project. It currently needs work in the following areas:

    1) Brakes are awful
    2) Oil is foul
    3) Bars sit slightly askew
    4) Suspension non-existant
    5) Cables are all stiff
    6) Something rattles in the engine/exhaust
    7) Rear wheel kind of wobbles side to side (makes for a hilarious 100kmh bolte loop!)

    and 8) Clutch slips for ages when taking off or changing gears.

    In all, it's a bit of a shit can, but it's a genuine belly laugh to skid around the place on.

    Seeing as I'll dump the oil soon, I was thinking it might be a good chance to replace the clutch plates to eliminate this slippage and possibly help the bike to wheelie, which would bring me such joy I'd have difficulty expressing it. I'm already laughing myself to tears riding it around the streets, wheelying this bike would be a near religious experience.

    My questions are thus:

    1) Anyone done this before? Hard work? Monkey like me could do it?
    2) How much are clutch plates?
    3) What did you bugger up last time YOU tried?

    Thanks in advance all, if I decide to do it I'll write it up good n proper with pics to illustrate my own balls-ups.

  2. Uhh, I'm not of a mechanical mind, dunno if you'd remember me in person either, but I met ya once. But for stiff cables, I suggest finding them a woman... works for mine :grin:

    Cable lubricater from a motorcycle shop, mine was $11, still havn't used it myself, but watched a friend lube my brake cable, seemed simple enough, clamp it on and fill it with WD-40...

    If you already knew that then well, this post becomes pretty useless huh? oh well, glad to be of help if I could be :)
  3. If you haven't used your lubicater nows the time to try it out, WD40 is BAD for lubing cables, yeah it works real well for awhile but then it drys out and makes things 4x worse. USe the proper cable lube or engine oil. :)

    Hey Loz .. Clutches are easy there is not much you can stuff up, just take note of the order the old friction plates / metal plates come out.
    The friction plates usualy arnt that exy.
  4. Thanks VTRBob, I'll hop to it soon.
  5. I'd consider replacing the clutch springs too if it slips that badly, however, if the plates were jsut badly glazed up/worn when I looked at them, maybe I'd just give new plates a go first. Wet clutches are pretty simple, as said above.
    If it's a cable clutch, it could also just be the cable sticking a bit, from what you describe of the bike.
    Maybe soak the whole bike in oil for a week!

    Regards, Andrew.