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Clutch or gearbox

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dar_sbb, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. i think my gearbox or clutch is coming 2 and end...

    in the higher rev range, it very clunky getting into 2nd... and sometimes just sits in neutral. it doesnt go in and come out. i had found though with 3rd gear sometimes it drops back to 2nd... plus after shifting it feels like the clutch is slipping.

    this has been my first bike... but like cars can u just change the clutch or does the gearbox need to be changed?


  2. Yes changing the clutch is a seperate operation.

    Quite an easy job. Usually you replace a series of clutch plates and steel plates which go in alteratively e.g steel plate then clutch plate etc. Make sure clutch springs are within spec (minimum height)

    However your description sounds more like a selector adjustment prob. Do you have a manual you can refer to to make sure the gear selector is set up correctly?

    A clutch going off, particularly in the 250 class will seem ok until you rev it out well into the most torky part of the rev range possibly in second and 3rd gears. Will almost feel like it has slipped out of gear. A blip in the throttle will usually gather it up again.

    Most likely to happen when engine is hot and you stop somewhere for a few minutes and then re fire engine and take off due to the oil re - flowing back into the clutch basket at rest. After a few minutes the centrifical force will spin most of the oil back out giving an old worn clutch a little bit more grip.

    Of course it could be a combination of both :shock: I believe when I replaced my clutch (250 ZZR) the clutch and steel plates set was around $120-$130

  3. the price you paid '$130' was that for the entire kit of plates?

    will check the selector.

    btw, what v8 u got in ur cressida?

  4. Yep that was the whole kit.

    Don't have the Cressy anymore sold it to a mate. Has got a 302 windsor in it