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Clutch not fully disengage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by PEEair, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. So I bought a pair of adjustable levers and put them on today. However when I pull the clutch fully in and is in gear 1, I can barely roll the bike. It seem to not be fully disengage. I tried the adjust the free play on the lever to zero free play and it still happen.

    So now I'm thinking I need to adjust the clutch cable from the lower end of the cable, near the engine... but I don't know how?
    It look like this:
    So how do I adjust it? It's a Ninja 250R

    The original clutch lever didn't have this problem, this only happen when I put on the new lever and even on the highest setting it still doesn't full disengage.

  2. Is that with the bike cold, in the garage??

    How many times did you try and spin the rear wheel by hand before?

    Adjust it so that the "slack" is correct., then ride the bike, It'll be ok once it warms up..
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  3. Ok I put the old lever back and same thing happen...

    Yes the bike is cold, haven't been ridden for about 2 weeks. How does a cold bike affect the clutch not disengaging? What I'm doing is pushing the bike with the engine off, clutch in and in gear 1, and it barely move.

    I just realise the clutch plate could be sticking due to the cold engine. I'll give it a ride tomorrow when it's not raining to see if it fix. Thanks.
  4. Hi PEEair,

    To adjust the clutch cable from the lower end you need to loosen one or both of the two nuts that you see on either side of the bracket holding the cable in place in the picture. This will allow you to move the whole cable backwards or forwards before tightening the nuts back up to lock the cable in the new position.

    That said, I am doubtful that this will address your problem. You've already taken all free play out of the cable. If there's no free play, there's no free play. Adjusting from the lower end won't alter the fact that even with no free play in the cable, the clutch is not fully disengaging when the lever is pulled.
  5. straight from the workshop manual

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  6. Yeah I think it because the bike is cold like sbk_750 said.
  7. How many ks have you done on oil and what oil fo you use???
  8. Pretty sure i am on right track with the oil...
  9. Bike for 7,000 km and was change around 6,000 km by previous owner. I didn't ask what oil though. I don't think it's the oil as everything was fine 2 weeks ago. I haven't been riding the bike due to studying for exams so it has just been sitting there. I'll warm it up tomorrow and give it and ride to see if that's the problem. If it still happen I'll change the oil like you said.
  10. Yeah good plan change oil anyway i bet they
    Just wacked 20 -50 car oil in.
    And 1000 k on possibly cheap oil wont help
    One bit
  11. Bought the bike from my cousin's good mate, I don't think he'll do that.
  12. I had a problem with the clutch when I installed aftermarket levers. It wouldn't engage/disengage fully..
    adjusted the cable via the turn knob thingy till it maxed out and still didn't work.

    Turns out I forgot to insert the little bushing that came with the original levers in. 'doh!
  13. What's that?
  14. Check the condition of the cable. Maybe it is damaged and stretches when you load it. If so, replace the cable.

    It the new levers of the same design as the old. That is, do they provide the same length of pull on the cable?
  15. The clutch lever bolt where the lever pivots around has a bushing that surrounds it. (there is only one bolt, can't miss it)
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  16. Took it out for a spin today. Everything's fine.