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Clutch noise- loud/sad

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Siwagod, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Just noticed this over passed couple of days.

    It only happens when I have to power on harder than usual, like a hill start, or gun it a bit to hard off the lights.

    When you hit the friction point, and then go a TINY bit further, if your're rolling on throttle you get this pretty horrible sound.
    I wouldn't call it a grinding sound, but more of if you imagine a shitty car with bad brakes, when they slowly release the brakes from a stop on a downward, you get a sort of EEHHHHHRRRRHGHGHRHRHHHRHHH

    So hard to explain the noise. It is not a happy noise.

    At first I thought it was the back brake whinging as I came off it. But tested it with no brakes on.

    Once you release the clutch fully it stops.

    So to recreate, you would release the clutch smoothly like you normally would, however with more throttle, say to the extent of you should be releasing it faster, like a race start.
    I do NOT want to release it faster on a hill start though in case I raise the wheel, flip or re-enter orbit.

    The only thing I can think of is low oil in the clutch, and the plates are grinding?

    Suggestions? I don't want to fcuk my clutch.
  2. Are you keeping the the oil level up and are you using oil that's suited for a bike? If not that then you might be getting some wear on your clutch plates, it's hard to say without hearing it.
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  3. I checked the oil and it's just under the full line.

    Just called Mark Tudor and he said it sounds more like the back brake isn't fully disengaging even though my foot is completely off it.
    He's going to swing around tomorrow morning so fingers crossed it is just that and nothing serious.
  4. Most bikes share oil between the engine and gearbox and clutch.

    (Yes, I do have a BMW and I know there are exceptions!)

    If the engine oil level is OK, then the clutch on your bike should have adequate oil.

    Have you changed the oil since you got the bike?

    If no, are you confident that the previous owner has changed the oil reasonably recently, and that they changed the oil to a proper motorbike oil?

    Is the oil level OK?

    I am at home now, so if you want to come round, I'll have a listen.

    I am not available tomorrow, but could have a listen on Sunday, if you are really worried.
  5. I personally havn't changed it no Cam.

    The previous owner was religious with the servicing as his dad is a bike nut and very pedantic with looking after them. I've known the guy for years.

    I could swing around after work but I don't finish for another hour or so. Will you still be free then or will you be re-claimed by the lady?
  6. Given that I don't have to ride it too far, yeah, come on round.
  7. Cool. You're only 10km or so from my work so shouldn't take too long. I should leave around 530
  8. Pressure plates ? or more so the springs in them. You"ll get a shudder soon as well :)
    Good time to learn how to repack a clutch basket me thinks