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Clutch mods?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Teamsherman, May 19, 2013.

  1. Hey folks,
    I'm wondering if anyone here has modified their bike from a cable operated clutch to a hydraulic one? I've found one here on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/BLACK-HYDRA...Parts_Accessories&hash=item25794e8d7f&vxp=mtr
    It looks pretty easy to understand and hopefully install.
    Its going to go on a Kawa Z1000 '03 model if it gets any good feedback.

  2. 44 views and zero replies???
  3. Netrider management is very sorry for the lack of replies to your thread. The website's magical genie will soon provide the perfect response to your question.
  4. Whoaaa sweeet!
  5. it looks like it is made for chinese pit bikes not 1000cc sport bikes... would make for a nasty surprise if your sitting at lights with the clutch in and it fails
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  6. I presume a hydraulic system does pushes and a cable system does pulls. Of course it's possible to convert one into the other, but likely to be complicated.

    Might be useful to know why you want to do it. What is unsatisfactory about the cable clutch?
  7. Only reason is its heavy, but I've been told its probably my cable as I'm pretty sure it's the original. I've got a new one on the way so hopefully it will make it a bit easier on the hand.

    I was playing with a few hydraulic ones on some newer bikes on Saturday and most of them only needed my little finger to pull them in!!
  8. Start doing your exercises with your left hand instead of your right.
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  9. Have a go at this before throwing the cash.

  10. Good point - do every thing you can to make the cable clutch easier to operate first.

    New cable, lubrication, adjustment even different levers can make a real difference.
  11. I've got a new cable on the way so hopefully that will ease it up a bit b
  12. As I said,Aprilia perch and dogleg lever,$65 at Gowanlocks.
  13. Its easier if you goggle it.There an early Ducati specialist in Sydney.Give them a ring,the Aprilia bits were recommended by them to fix the heavy clutch pull on my Pantah.They suit std bars and the perch is split so its easy to fit.The only drama is the cable nipple,there are different sizes so its worth measuring Yours before enquiring.There are also accessory reduced effort levers and purchs around for Jap bikes.BTW you get nothing for nothing.When the geometry is made to reduce the pull you end up with a longer friction point on clutch take off.BTW The Sydney shop is different to Italspares on the web.Thats Ian Gowanlock on the web,long story not worth going into.Converting to Hydraulic is doable but will cost a hell of a lot and sometimes its just as heavy,AKA on a Pantah.
  14. I ended up getting a new clutch cable and the difference is crazy! I can literally use one finger to pull it in! With my shorty levers my two finger clutching is awesome!!
  15. That is good news - always pleased to hear when a simple fix is all that is required.
  16. That's great. Pleased for you