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Clutch lever too stiff

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by em3900, May 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am looking at buying (my first bike) a second hand bike (honda cbf 250) and after test riding found the clutch lever too stiff to pull in without getting sore hands and arm.
    Has anyone experienced this?
    Was wondering if this is easily fixed.
    I have seen some posts about lubing cables and changing springs, which the mechanic I talked to suggested can be done, but does this really work?
    will it be a lasting solution or is it a bigger problem?

    The owner said it has always been like this and he has tried changing the springs which didn't really help.
    I have test ridden other cbf250s and i didn't notice this problem.

    Its going to cost me $50 to get the mechanic to have a look, so thought some community knowledge might save the time and money.

  2. Problem could be caused by a sticking cable. If so lubing or replacing the cable should fix it. But it could also be some other underlying issue with the clutch.

    Have you tried other CBF's. Is it stiffer than them?

    Remember also if this is your first bike you will be using muscles in ways you don't normally use them and it may simply be that it feels stiff because of that.
  3. Never found the CB to have a stiff clutch. Should be very light. No harder than a pushbikes front brake.
    Buying used you need to see a good service history on the bike. There's just too many good bikes out there for sale to buy an iffy one. You want to see the service manual full of stamps every 6000km's. No book, no service. Forget it. Don't buy someone else's problem. Too many noobs don't look after their bikes properly. Only cause they don't know how too. And 250's are mainly a noob's bike.
    Get someone who knows bikes to help you shop for one. Might only cost you a ten buck Macca's lunch to drag someone from here with you.
  4. I guess I would also be worried about the owners comments about tried changing springs. Means the issue has been around a while and he hasn't been able to fix it.
  5. Is it stiffer than other bikes? It might be you just have to get used to it.

    but I'd say it's worth the money for the mechanic to have a look at it. It could be frayed and about to break.
  6. Dunno about the CBF but my Hornet Hornet's (another Honda 250cc) clutch is very light. Should easily be able to pull it in with one finger.
  7. Jebus, that is light.