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clutch lever screw missing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by quantocks, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    anyone know what sort of screw is required to hold the clutch together? when I got my bike, it is missing the screw, so the clutch is loose.

    can I just go to Bunnings and get a similar replacement or should I just replace the whole lot?

    for an NSR150.
  2. Clutch lever? Clutch Cover? Clutch Cable Bracket ? Clutch Adjuster nut?
    Be more specific please
  3. oh sorry,

    the screw on the inside of the clutch lever bracket?

    there's one screw that must hold it onto the handlebars, a hole through the lever.

  4. I assume thats a chinese 'quad' ya got.
    Is it the bolt .. or nut that is missing?
    If it's the nut, I'd just go to bunnings or a bolt store and get a nylox nut ( self locking ). If it's the bolt, any bolt should do, as long its not a srepped bolt and it has the same thread as the nut. Otherwise get a set of both.
    probably an M6x1.5 or M8x1.5

    Hope this helps
  5. ah was just a random picture taken from google, I have an NSR150. I'll go to bunnings and see if I can get the same size bolt and nut. cheers :D
  6. The bolt on the brake lever on the other side will be the same size/pitch ect. I'm guessing 10mm

    BUT... it may be a 'stepped' bolt, so you may HAVE to get the exact Honda part...
  7. A good trick that I have learnt is, if you have a pile of washers that are oversize for a "stepped bolt"

    i.e. [​IMG]

    Put them in the bolt you are using, and then mount the whole assembly in a drill. mount the drill (loosely) in a vise and whittle the assembly down with a file. once you are within clearance, a drop or two of quick-set glue will hold the washer stack together until installation. A vernier helps here.

    Please note - this is only acceptible as a "get around" solution until the stepped bolt comes in (not going to cost much more then a dollar or so). Excessive running will likely cause excessive wear of the lever.
  8. Bunnings no longer stock parts for NSR150s. ;-)

    It is a shouldered bolt you need. Try any Honda dealer, you are almost certain to find they have one in stock.

    Any substitute bolt you use should have a shoulder inserted where the lever pivots, otherwise you will very quickly wear out the pivot hole of the lever. It won't matter if the bolt is not quite the right size, as long as it doesn't have threads in contact with the lever pivot hole.

    A bolt with the correct "shoulder" will, unless it is a motorcycle specific bolt, have too large a thread to go through the bottom part of the clutch lever housing.

    Most NSR parts are very inexpensive.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  9. +1

    For the sake of a few bucks why wouldn't you?