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Clutch Lever Modification - XVS650 Classic

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Tone2, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. One of the first things I noticed when I started riding my XVS650 Classic was that the friction point was out a long way from the grip (the lever almost fully out) and the friction zone itself was pretty small. Adjusting the cable to bring the friction point in left you with a floppy level, so a bit annoying really. Apparently this is common across all V-Stars. Most people probably learn to live with it and life moves on.

    Initially, I read about and ordered a clutch cable kit from Seritec in the USA for US$17 delivered - essentially just a spring and a metal tube installed at the clutch end of the cable - which allowed me to move the friction point back towards the bar and addressed the floppy cable problem. The spring keeps a bit of pressure on when the lever is just sitting there and the tube stops the spring from bowing sideways when the lever is pulled. You could make it yourself if you looked around for the right sized stuff.

    I still wasn't completely happy with the size of the friction zone and learnt about a modified clutch lever called The Clevver (clever lever, ho hum). Essentially, they change the point at which the cable attaches to the lever, which reduces the amount of pull you need as well as increasing the size of the friction zone. USD$48 shipped.

    It arrived yesterday and I installed it last night. The install was quick and easy (maybe 10 mins). After install, I found that when pulling the lever in and out there was some slight rubbing/grinding between the Clevver and the bracket that it attached to on the handlebar (just up from the pivot point). It was pretty minor, and didn't interfere with the clutch operation. A bit of WD40 smoothed things out and I'll keep an eye on it.

    The actual clutch operation is much improved. The friction point is in a far more natural position and the zone is wider. I'm keen to get a bit of slow speed manoeuvre practice happening, to test how much it helps with that too. Tight U-turns on my 650 are interesting in advance of my MOST test, so this should improve control.

    Apparently the modified lever is fine with XVS650 Classics, but Customs may need a change in bracket to fit. Some posts on the Yamaha Motorcycle Forum have said they have put them on a Custom without problems though.
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  2. WD40 is not a lubricant, it's a water displacer.

    Use a real lubricant like graphite or silicon grease.

    Otherwise, (y)
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  3. Hey thanks for this. I ride an XVS650 and have observed the same thing about the clutch. Lever almost fully out before it engages, and then little range for low speed work. Didn't realize there was a fix for this, so will be interested to hear your progress.

    Went to the website and bought a clevver, sounded so good
  4. I've noticed the clutch on mine but it's never really bothered me.
  5. I just got a XVS650 Custom from a Suzuki Intruder and was stalling this at every second start up and been putting in the practicing trying to get it perfect in car parks.

    Love to know how your experience has been since because this sounds like the ticket.
  6. It's great, I'm really happy with it. It made slow speed stuff with the friction point much better. You need to check what they do for the custom though, I think there is a slight difference in the levels used.
  7. Hey all,

    Another one who has encountered this problem. The bite point is tiny so this could be a goer. Was it difficult to install? Any special tools required? Could someone who is not mechanically experienced handle it with the provided I instructions?

  8. I just installed
    Its easy
    10 mm socket needed
    Watch for that switch when assembly but dont worry
    Too easy

    650 classic
  9. Been riding my XVS650 Classic for a couple of weeks and have the same issue, so I've just ordered a Clevver based on recommendations here (from you, Phil I think). I'll take some pics of the install when I get it in case that helps anyone in the future.
  10. you wont regret it all cool,
    it does make the clutch lighter in feel ( missus had a winge) so next i will
    upgrade the clutch springs to heavy duty , that will make it sweet as.
    no hurry though though as teh clevver did the trick and sorted it.
    no problems with install on the classic its an easy job dont stress.
    pm me if you get an issue )
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  11. I just came across this thread and realised that I never actually posted the promised install pics because I'm a lazy git. Even though I no longer have the bike, the Clevver was a very cheap and simple mod that extended the friction point significantly and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with the XVS650 clutch.

    Here are the pics for anyone who wants them. This is INCREDIBLY simple to install - you only need to undo one bolt (10mm socket required) and manipulate some cable.

    Here's the package...

    Here's what's in the package

    Remove this 10mm nut from underneath the clutch lever (it's the pivot point the lever rotates around). Socket wrench highly recommended, as there's very little room to work with a spanner.

    Push the bolt out from underneath.

    It should look like this and the lever should move freely.

    Slide back the rubber bushing and adjust the cable lock nut until it lines up like this (this photo was taken with a potato)

    Move the lever out and rotate it slightly until you can slip the cable out of the slot, and the lever will be uninstalled.

    Comparison of the original lever and Clevver showing the different cable slots (Clevver at the top)

    To install the Clevver, reverse the above process. Job done.

    Hope this helps someone.
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  12. Never had a problem with original setup. I have seen this and another home brew mod which created this device. As I see it the cable will suffer high wear as it enters the lever as the pull is no longer straight out of the casing. Be mindful of possible cable breakages.
  13. You may well be right, but I've never heard of it happening. I've definitely heard plenty of people having issues with the short friction point on the XVS650 though. It's there as an option if you want it. I guess if you install one, check the cable occasionally for evidence of wear.
  14. I did have issues with the clutch on my 2010 XVS650 Custom when I first bought it and saw the clevver on line, and I think I mentioned it in another post. It would have helped, but I think you get used to the clutch point pretty quickly.
    It's only really bad when you have to do a lot of slow stuff, like if you're stuck in a traffic jam and can't filter. Then it can be pretty tiring on the hand.
  15. I too was getting over the small engagement zone so have also just placed an order for this. Thanks guys.