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Clutch Issue

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Grofaz, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi all :)

    Just wondering. Sometimes when I start the GPX (in neutral) and then select first (with the clutch already in of course!) she jumps and stalls just like she would if I had tried to start her in gear (don't ask me how I know what this feels like). This only happens if I start her from cold.

    Is this typical behaviour? Something I should look into? Some other explanation?

    Any input appreciated :)
  2. Try and shift from N>2nd and if it does same thing, then clutch is not disengaging fully.
  3. I believe it has something to do with the fact it is a wet clutch and that the oil has not properly lubricated the plates.

    It is normal as far as I know because it happens on mine as well.

    Those more mechanically minded will tell us exactly why it does it and if there is anything we should be doing during warming up the engine first thing.
  4. The mechanically minding will be telling you its best for an engine to warm up with a little load, not none at all, ie sit it in neutral until it idles at the right idle (usually about the time taken to don a helmet), then ride off, keeping the revs lowish (under 6kish for a gpx) until the needle is off the cold.

    How long have you both had your GPX's for?

    This is something that happens with new thick cold oil and a new bike. It should be gone by your first service (800kms iirc with the gpx), and might happen again after your first service.

    The other thing that comes to mind is that gpx's might not be properly calibrated from the store. Your clutch should have 2-3mm of free play, then be the goods from there. Make sure that theres not too much free play because then the clutch isnt fully engaged.
  5. I think it is a Kawasaki issue Grofaz.

    My ZZR250 used to do it too. Your bike is only new correct?

    Mine stopped doing it once it was broken in. I am sure that they told me it was a common thing with them.
  6. Common to a certain extent with every bike and cold oil. Be nice to her.

    If it's really really cold in the mornings, you could try running a lower weight oil.

    If it starts doing it when its warm too, could be warped plates or clutch need adjusting/bled (cable or hydraulic clutch in the ZZR?).
  7. We had a similar thread a while ago, what I understood from the posts is that it's common in the gpx/some Kawasakis.
    Try holding the clutch in for a short amount of time while the bike is a warming up, it helps.
  8. Every Kawasaki I have ever ridden has done this to a certain extent, and occasionally other brands. It's pretty normal. Just pump the clutch after you start it (i.e. squeeze and release a few times) to help the oil get in between the clutch plates. That'll help. Also, running in the engine will help a lot too.
  9. +1 to the cold oil.

    Gpx/zzrs are known for that lurch when first engaging.
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  11. Welcome to the Kawasaki KLUNK.
    I owned a 1977 model bike hat did it, and have a 1990 model bike that does it.
    If you REALLY want to experience it, let the bike sit for a month!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. sounds pretty easy to deal with though

    every car/bike model has its own problems
  13. I've got the klunk problem too.

    When changing into first from neutral after starting and letting it run for a few mins, it klunks like the clutch wasn't in.

    Its only a week old though.
  14. Yep - cold oil + wet clutch = sticky. Just pump the clutch or hold it in before engaging first gear and it'll work a lot better.
  15. This thread has been very helpful, mine does it too. Doesn't stall though (yet), but does klunk a bit. I will try some of the helpful hints now.

    Thanks heaps

  16. thx for the info - will try it out next start up.
  17. I have experienced this too on my bike. I would just let it warm up a bit and hold the clutch in and out for a couple of times.

    I got my bike from a wreakers so it could have not been put in gear for months. I actually thought the clutch was broken because for the first day playing with it, it would stall everytime I put it in 1st( like I hadn't used the clutch at all).

    My bike has started doing something interesting when its cold now.
    I pull the clutch in, put it in first (a little bit of a clunk) and when I release the clutch into the friction point my revs would drop to 0 on the tacho and (sometimes) It would stall. It would do this without lurching forward.

    Oddly enough, if the tacho goes to 0 and if im quick enough. I can quickly pull the clutch back in and it doesnt stall.

    I have solved this many times by just playing with the clutch in neutral while it warms up.
  18. Thanks for the info all, it's nice to know it's a common thing and not a problem with my bike :grin:
  19. I haven't had this problem with Geepy, but I hold the clutch in before starting, put into neutral and let her warm up. I also pull the clutch in before I turn her off. Husband did that for over three years with his GPX and never had that happen.

    Be nice to your little GPX, Geepy would like to meet him one day!!
  20. Yeah I think it's pretty much a warm up issue for me. Since I ran her in, I just jump on and go with maybe a minute or so warming up while I gear up.

    When I first got her I would let her warm right up before moving and didn't notice this issue, so that is probably what is happening.

    Don't worry though, Blue Girl loves me and I love her back. She'll be ready for the photo shoot :grin: