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Clutch Issue [resolved]

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lobsta, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Picked up my bike today, and there are a few things about it which i think are related to clutch adjustment...

    -Bike seems to idle just a little low
    -Revs drop noticeably when put into gear from neutral while the clutch is fully disengaged
    -Started it while cold today after work with the clutch fully disengaged and it jumped forward a bit (though i think this could be in part due to the oil being cold and sticking the plates together)
    - Revs drop low after a blip of the throttle with the clutch disengaged, has caused a couple of stalls
    - Friction point is very close to no pressure on the lever at all (almost fully out)

    Am I on the money?

    Is this just a simple matter of adjusting the cord which i can do myself?

  2. FIXED IT!

    had a look at the clutch cable in daylight and saw that the lower adjustment nut on the lower clutch adjustment point (down near the clutch cover) was not actually attached to the screwy thing that it was supposed to attach to. there was no slack in the lever, and the lever adjustment nut was as far as it was going to get. so i followed the notes in the service manual and adjusted the lower adjuster, then put slack in the lever, and it has solved every single one of the problems i listed...

    hows that for a good day?

  3. Excellent. And well done. :)


    Trevor G

    PS Congratulations on working your way through the issues. I check bikes on shop floors all the time for free play in the clutch and the chain.

    Mostly they are bowstring tight. :-(