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Clutch in on upshifts or not?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by drewcarey, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, just recently got my Ls but have been riding dirt for some time before that. Was wondering what the general concensus is as far as using the clutch for shifting up? On a dirt bike I've always been told not to bother with the clutch when shift up gears, only when down shifting or getting out of tight corners etc.

    What do you guys do on the road? Clutch in on all gear changes? Only on downshifts? Or does it depend on how fast you want to ride? Any positives or negatives mechanically to either option?


  2. If you know how to do it there is nothing wrong with doing it.
  3. I don't use clutch on upshifts. You've just got to be quick, smooth and get the timing right, otherwise you will potentially miss the gear. imo upshifts are smoother without the clutch, if you get it right
  4. bye bye gearbox
  5. ? They are designed to take clutch less upshifts.
  6. bye bye gearbox??? With the sort of abuse to which YOU subject a bike, I would have thought the gearbox was the least of your worries....

    Opinion whenever this comes up is usually divided between younger riders with little or no mechanical knowledge, and older riders with lots; guess which side the older riders come down on???
  7. Personally .. I use the clutch. No particular reason, just me :wink:
  8. Straight cut gear boxes CAN be up shifted without the clutch. However it is there for a reason and it WILL make life easier for your gearbox. Your not on a track probably 99% of the time and the track is the only place i can see that extra 0.1sec shorter shift time making any kind of difference. I always use my clutch for every shift
  9. +1 The only time I don't use the clutch is in an emergency and when I stuff up my timing. My bike is new and I would like to keep it that way for quite a while.
  10. Pick the pups :LOL:
  11. I use the clutch each and every time..................I take off :LOL:

    Other than that, for the moment, I've perfected the upshift sans clutch, just need to master the down shifts.

    The Bavarian box is soooo smooth without the clutch
  12. i havent tried downshifting without the clutch but i dont use the clutch to upshift
  13. Tried both many times, its smother using the clutch by far on my bike. i only dont use it for the higher gears, and only some times... be kind to your bike and it will last longer.
  14. Hornet nailed the consensus

    Ride :grin: :p

    Definitely when skipping several gears :-k




    That about covers it :LOL:
  15. Use the clutch on upshifts, can't for the life of me get clutchless upshifts right. Only use it on downshifts around 1st and 2nd.
  16. I use it on upshifts. Never tried it without. My upshifts are smooth so I see no point in changing.
  17. Clutchless Shifting is like filtering… it comes up time and time again and every body has an opinion.
    Repeatedly you will hear that it will kill your box
    Repeatedly you will hear the statement of Your not on a racetrack so the extra point Oh F#4ck of a second isn’t worth it.
    Repeatedly you will hear how it is best done at High revs, low revs only upshifting blah blah blah blah blah…
    One option on the subject is use the search button. It has all been covered before.
    But seeing as we have an other thread here is what I have learnt on the subject.

    I stumbled on Clutchless shifting in a netrider thread and had never even considered it before (In about 2 years of riding at the time). So I asked some questions and gave it a go. Initially just upshifting.
    What I found. When learning it was easier at high revs, but once I got used to it, I actually found it was most useful for just trundling around casually. It is about learning the timing and just getting the revs right. What I also found was that when you start getting it right it is WAAAYYY Smoother than using the clutch. It took me several months before I tried doing clutchless downshifts, but once I got them right I found them even easier than upshifts (Go figure).

    So why bother??? Go do 500km of twisties and tell me you even want to consider the clutch on the way home? It sometimes is just nice to be able to ignore it. Going for a casual ride down the beach… sit up to take a look around (You know that “Oh so cool†posture with your left hand on your hip) you get up through your current gear… just drop the revs and kick it up. (Remember look at the road not the girls in bikinis (They are probably jail bait anyway))

    So in summary.
    It won’t kill your bike when you do it right.
    It is useful even when you are not on the track
    It can be done on both the upshift and downshift
    It is just another skill to have in your toolbox

    [EDIT]When it comes to the race track I have seen good footage that shows that Rossi almost always uses his clutch, and Pedrosa almost never does.[/EDIT]
  18. I bolded the problem. People will go away thinking clutchless changes are perfectly fine and then start mashing/crunching their gear box thinking they are doing it right when really they are not. So you hit the nail on the head, as long as you do it right....
  19. This is a valid point…
    How do you do it right?
    The answer is rev matching.
    If you are accelerating and want to up shift, you put just a little gentle upward pressure on the gear leaver as you tip the revs off, just as the revs start to drop off increase the pressure making a short sharp action to bring the bike into the next gear and roll on your revs.
    To downshift, you can almost just leave a little pressure on the gear leaver and as the revs drop off it will just drop down. (ALMOST) in reality it is a much gentler action than the upshift, but a slight throttle blip will help it along.
    So how do you get there while you are learning? Just clench your sphincter and go for it???
    I advise against this method. Start making your clutch action smaller and smaller until you are barely brushing the clutch leaver as you shift. You should have no lurch in the bike and minimal to no clunk as you shit, eventually you will find you are hardly using the clutch, and then you just have to do everything the same and stop using the clutch at all (The moment of faith)
    Be gentle be patient, and don’t let one or two grinds early on scare you. once you have it right it is smoother than using the clutch at all.
  20. you mean a non synchromesh gearbox right? Because it doesn't matter what cut the gears have as they are in constant mesh anyway, whether they be straight, helical or herringbone.