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Clutch help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by samnoise, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Up early the other morning, riding to work. Gearing down for red lights and preparing to stop and....pop.

    Thought it was my clutch cable although on closer inspection it turns out to be the tiny bracket my cable conects to on the motor end (mech. minded but no clue on bike terminology). I am going to replace the bracket and the pivoting part it connects to, but my question is this......

    As far as makes sense to me it works this way:

    Clutch is pulled, cable retracts, swings pivot which comes inward toward the crankcase, which pushes a long pin into the gearbox, which enguages the clutch.

    Now - this pin just sits loose in the gearbox currently. I know when I refit the new pivoting part and refit the cable, the clutch will need adjusting and etc. But this pin is cool to just nestle back into place between gearbox and clutch/front drivechain housing like nothing ever happened?

    Sorry for being a punish and any help appreciated!

    Oh yeah my bike is a 92' GSF250 (import yes).
  2. Not sure what you are asking here. Is the old bracket flopping around somewhere in the engine or something?
  3. I think the answer is:

    Yes, the pin is just a push rod that pushes on a thrust bearing to disengage the clutch when you pull the lever. It should remain in alignment inside the gear box, through to the clutch. Just make sure that the new bracket you install pushes correctly on the push rod.

    No responsibility taken for being wrong though. I don't know your bike. :cool:
  4. Thats exactly what it looked like to me. The bike wont be moved so I assume it will be fine. Only one way to find out. Cheers Rod....