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clutch handle - have you damaged one?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Guys,

    when i checked out my mates ducati monster 600 a few weeks ago, i noticed the ball shaped tipon the clutch handle was missing on it. he said it was dropped when the stand didnt stay forward as they are spring loaded. i thought what a shame but lucky there was no scratch anywhere else.

    i now have broken the same part on my 2007 Kawaski Eliminator. the clutch handle tip which is ball chaped, has broken off my eliminator. i live in the hills and have a very steep driveway and i didnt give it enough juice. the tip just touched the ground before i could pull it up again. its the 4th time ive ridden it. i wont be making that mistake again!

    the handle is all that i want to replace the rest of the mechanism is in perfect order and not a scratch. i could ride it like it is, as 90% of teh handle is still there, but i know that i want the bike to be perfect. is that a home job and easy enough to do, or will i need to replace the complete clutch handle mechanism?

    could i just order a clutch handle from kawaski? $100 or more?
  2. If it`s similar to my Suzuki, I picked up lever for $19 ( aftermarket)...maybe Kawa sells aftermarket?
  3. So what you're saying is, you'll probably do it again.

    Sure, spend the money to replace the lever, but keep the old one under the seat just in case.
  4. I'll sell you one for $50, let me just duck down to a bike shop & pick one up.

    Seriously, between $10-$20 for an aftermarket one from pretty much any bike shop or wreckers, & 5 mins to change it over. Give the clutch cable a lube too.
  5. My kawaski dealer have em for $16.00. i ordered it already. i take it anyone with a spanner can do it in 5 mins. looks easy enough.

    i have to tell you though, i went for a beautiful night time ride (no traffic) 25 kms through windy roads, and the last 2 metres before i drove back into my driveway (steep and on an angle), i dropped it. i felt shocked and ashamed of myself. It is the most sickening feeling in a long time.

    i cant believe that was the only part to break. not even a scratch anywhere else as i almost caught it, and it just eased onto the ground and landed on that one part.
  6. Have a look on youtube, you'll find a few videos on how to change a clutch lever.
  7. If you havent been riding long I'd hold off on replacing the lever if it still works OK. You may yet have more opportunities to modify it.
  8. My clutch lever survived a good 13 months.. and then i had to go and bend it

    But I don't use the clutch anyway, and its still reachable for when stopping and such.. why replace it if it still works?
    Unless it makes things difficult.. in which case it would be wise to fix
  9. You don't use your clutch?
  10. For regular up/down shifting no.. I still use it when stopped (apart from that one time I boiled the fluid and had to find neutral before stopping :p)

    Back off just a little when going up a gear, and blip the throttle just a little when going down a gear.
    With some practice its really smooth, and heaps easier.

    And no its not damaging to the gearbox if done right
    Should be more than a couple threads around about it..
  11. my clutch lever has a nice banana bend in it - thanks to a stop-drop the other day.

    BTW shifting without clutch is quite easy ( but easy to stuff up if you are shitty or tired !)
    just plenty of practice.
  12. Not so weird. I don't use his clutch either.

  13. I'd like to hope not :roll:
  14. Ages ago, I had a drop in the backyard...snapped clutch lever in half...found an old lawn mower plug remover & tapped it on to get me to work...fitted perfectly...still got it, just in case...have also used the clutchless method as posted earlier...if their`s a will, there`s a way ;)
  15. Back in the day my uncle used to have an XC falcon, and managed to snap the clutch cable one day (likely hooning, but didn't admit to that when I heard the story).

    In order to drive home with a siezed clutch he'd just rev it up in neutral then slam into gear while taking off, and proceeded to slam into every other gear too.

    Then instead of driving to a mechanic or even attempting to replace the cable himself he drove around like that for over a month.
  16. From a dead stop? Dont think so. Plausible if he started the car in first gear, then went up through them.. Mate had a mini like that once.
  17. after a few weeks of waiting for the part, i finally got around to performing my first bit of surgery to my beloved Eliminator. i changed the clutch handle. a small operation in the big scheme of things, but its a start. seeing that damaged old cutch handle reminded me of the night i dropped it. now its back to normal.