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Clutch /gear problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MattiasL, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Hi I found another problem with my bike yesterday when I had a long ride with it, I do not know if the bike is suppose to act like that as I have not had an off road before.

    When I for example stop at a red light and I am in gear and have the clutch fully pressed in the bike suddenly moves slowly up to 1 meter and I have to break, and it does this now and then when I am standing still and have gear and clutch in.

    Is this normal?
  2. No, it's not normal
    Sounds dangerous
    What if there is a vehicle in front of you when this happens?
    Hope it's an easy fix
  3. Rode to Uni this morning, it is a 30 min ride and now the bike is leaking oil:(

    I have always bad luck when I buy things:(
  4. Try Clutch adjustment. Where does the oil leak from?
  5. First thing
    When was oil changed last ?
    And what type

    If its due change oil
  6. If it's a hydraulic clutch it might have a leaky master cylinder or slave cylinder or a leak somewhere else in the hydraulic system. As you sit with the clutch held in, the leak gradually allows the clutch to start engaging again. When you say it now has an oil leak, do you mean engine/gearbox oil, or could it be brake/clutch fluid?
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  7. Good point pw
  8. It looks and feels like engine oil.

    The leak seems to come somewhere under the carburettor or where the cylinder attaches to the engine, it is hard to tell exact where.

    I bought the bike from a dealer last week; however the dealer is located far away so I was thinking to get some advice here, and I have contacted the dealer as well.

    Oil was changed last week by the dealer and it was a Motul 3100 Gold 10W40 4T.

    Here are some pictures but it is difficult to see anything on them due to a crap camera on mobile.

    The bike is a Suzuki DR250r 1998

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  9. Thanks guys for taking your time to help, I do appreciate it a lot.
  10. I got this answer from the dealer mechanic "it is probably from the breather on the motor and that's standard on that model"

    I don't know enough about this if this can occur on this model?
  11. I took it to a mechanic on the way home as the clutch felt even more weird and stiff and it started to leak more, the mechanic here on the Gold Coast said that it should not leak and there is a problem with the clutch so send it back to dealer so they can repair it.

    I called the dealer and they will come back to me tomorrow with an answer and apparently I there is no guarantee on second hand bikes?

    Ohh this is just a disaster just paid my Uni fee and have no money for a major repair now:(

    2 pics where it shows where the leak is coming from, sorry for the bad quality.

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  12. I just gunna post so your post is recent,
    I dont know the answer ,
    They may have overfilled .

    But what you is legsl advice re warranty
    - somebody
  13. Let the dealer come back with some sort of offer to examine it or, hopefully, fix it. There is no warranty on used bikes in Queensland and this is often made clear by a dealer to a buyer. Independent mechanical checks are important. The issues might be serious, they might not, but the give the dealer first go at sorting it out, as it will compromise any other legal options you might try to pursue if you don't. It pays not to be tempted to let someone else "have a look at it" as the dealer, rightly, can then ask whether the second party's work caused or increased the problem.
  14. OK thanks for your answer.

    We just bought a second hand car from a dealer the other week and it came with 1 month guarantee (the car dealer said it was a QLD law) so I just assumed it was the same with motorbikes, I was stupid not to ask when I bought the motorbike.

    I have spoken to the dealer and waiting for a reply from them today as they said they are a small company and wants to take care of their customers, I hope they sort it out for me because this is just bad timing.

    It was sad to go to work on my pushbike this morning; my Suzuki looked all alone in the garage.

    Well I have learnt something now for future references.
  15. Can u see any frawing either end
    Clutch cable
  16. Sorry but what does "frawing" mean? remember I am from Sweden:)
  17. Perhaps fraying?
  18. Sorry
    I use my phone on this forum and this causes bad typing
  19. The clutch cable is not damaged anywhere, however there is a washer type thing (do not know what it is called in English) on the cable where it is attached to the engine which makes me beleive it is not the right clutch cable for my bike, I will take apicture of it tomorrow so you can see.