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Clutch/engine oil leak fixed, now forks are leaking...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MattiasL, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Got my bike back yesterday and the clutch and engine oil leak is now repaired and today I noticed that my forks have started to leak...tried to use a sealmate but could not remove the dust seals that seems to be attached to some metal seals (anyone have a Suzuki Dr250 and now how to get them off).... just want to cry now, I just want to have a nice ride on my new (second hand) bike.

  2. i've never seen dust seals which are actually locked in place. you should be able to slip a very thin flat screwdriver in between the dust seal lip and the fork stanchion and lift the seal out
  3. OK thanks.

    I will take a picture tomorrow and post, now I am getting drunk and going to cry because I just keep finding more and more problems with my bike.....
  4. Did your bike go on a trailer ?
  5. If you mean when it was delivered? Yes it was delivered by a small truck.
  6. Bingo-they over compressed the front end and blew the fork seals.
  7. Dont fix the leak
    Ur gunna leak somewhere else if u do
  8. I fixed a fork leak by pushing a piece of 35mm film down and around the seal . Sometimes a small amount of foreign material gets caught between the seal and tube and moving the piece of film will dislodge it. A few others have used this method with success. Good luck!
  9. 35mm film
    Woah most peeps on this forum would have no idea what that is
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  10. Ha ha ha...
  11. I will have another try to remove the dust seals tomorrow so I can use the sealmate.
  12. Here is a picture of the dust seal...how the h.... do I remove them?

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  13. Melt it with a blow torch
  14. Managed to get the dust seal off, there was a sea of oil underneath, used the Sealmate but It did not work very well, it was so tight between the oil seal and fork so the Sealmate bent and got miss shaped.

    Regret so much that I bought a bike now, just had issues with it from day one, emailed the dealer and asked if they can sort out the forks too but I have not much hope they will do that.
  15. Hmm, that's no good. I bought a Sealmate to hopefully fix the weeping forks on my bike.
  16. it's supposed to be tight or it won't seal. try hacking up a beer can and using a piece of it, same idea except thinner material
  17. Yes I know it is supposed to be tight but in the Sealmate instruction video it seems to slide down so easy:)
  18. No luck with getting help from the dealer with my leaking forks but I did not count on that, I should probably be glad that they paid for the engine leak and clutch problem.

    I got this answer from the dealer "the fork seals are you responsibility as they were not leaking when the bike was delivered to you and they are consumable item"

    The bike was delivered 2 weeks ago and it has been at a Suzuki garage for 1 week, I have driven the bike less than 2 hours since I got it so I do not think they just started to leak now.

    Got a quote that it will cost around $300 to repair :cry:

    Well well I have learnt a lesson now.

  19. So this didn't work?

  20. No it did not work.