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Clutch characteristics

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jawntybull, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I have two bikes, a DR650 w 3000km on the clock and a GS500 w 27000km on the clock. Their clutch characteristics are totally different and I'm interested in others' views.

    The GS clutch does nothing for the first 3/4 of its travel - ie from the fully pulled in position, I can let it out 3/4 of the way before the revs drop. It then engages cleanly in the last few mm of travel of the clutch lever.

    The DR clutch starts to engage almost straight away, in the first few mm of travel from the fully pulled in position, then progressively has more effect most of the way through its travel.

    This gives me a few problems as I swap from one bike to the next. On the GS I've become used to only pulling the clutch in half way, but on the DR that's not enough. When I go from the DR to the GS my shifting's messy (as the clutch engages much more quickly) and when I go from the GS to the DR I nearly stall at the lights every now and then as I'm used to not having to pull the clutch all the way in.

    Any ideas on the above? Is it just that the GS clutch is more worn (bike was owned by two learners before me) or does the DR just need a few more kms to wear the clutch in? Should I be looking to adjust the clutch travel (not sure if this is possible - I don't think its a free-play issue)

  2. Is the lever kinda loose in on the GS in the 3/4 of the travel? i'm assuming it's a cable clutch as well?

    perhaps tightening the cable will help...
  3. I reckon it may just be tha nature of the beasts, so to speak.

    My TRX is the same, nothing for about three quarters, & then bam!

    Not sure if you can adjust where the friction point would be in relation to the lever, I think it has more to do with the engine end...

    Someone else may actually know what they are talking about & chime in though...
  4. reviving a dead thread I know. I'm a newbie rider and have a yamaha xv250 Virago with 6500km. When I got it the bike was fine (about 2 months ago- got it with 5,500km) but last week, all of a sudden the friction point on the clutch is nearly all the way out when you release the lever. Before it used to progressively bite around half way, now it only revs at that point. I know cause I got small hands and I now have to use my fingertips to feather the clutch to get it to bite smoothly.
    Does anyone know what the problem is? Has my newbishness worn my clutch down prematurely- I had a bad habit of dumping the clutch on gear changes. :newb:
    The repair manual lists a number of things in the trouble shooting: worn clutch, fatigued spring, incorrect oil, incorrect cable adjustment.
    I've tried fiddling with the cable adjustment to make sure it has enough free-play and it does- infact a little too much. The last 5mm or so of travel, the spring doesn't even push the lever back flush to its closed position. So giving it more freeplay wont help. tightening it up prolly won't help either I suspect, It would make it worse I think.
    Some thoughts on the topic would be helpful. Maybe I can do some more tinkering on the thing to get it back into shape...
  5. Might be worth getting a workshop manual and dismantling and lubricating the throw-out mechanism (at the bottom end of the cable), then adjusting it and the cable, in that order.
  6. I have the manual. Unfortunately, it is not very detailed in the assembly/disassembly bits. At the moment, my clutch is still working, just bites really late. Maybe if I change to a different oil it may help it better. I'm learning to adjust to the new position tho. If it really stuffs up then like you suggested, taking it apart would be the only way to go. Having the clutch bite that far back isn't too bad I guess, it does have it's perks. Just have to get used to it.

    What I was concerned about originally was whether riding style/lack of experience may have contributed to this problem, or it is simply wear and tear on the bike.