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Clutch Cable?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by live4themoment, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I was having trouble downshifting gears i was really having to stamp on it to get it to go down a gear. So i took it to the shop and had the guy look over it he said he would have to order a clutch cable in but he tightened it up to make it easier for me to change gears till the cable came in. (Keep in mind this is the shop that kept my bike for 4 weeks waiting for a Master brake cylinder so i have been getting sick of their service or lack of they seem like amatures).
    I then went for a ride over to my friends place which is 20 mins away and just as i was about to turn into the bottom of his street i pulled in the clutch to go down and snap they cable was gone. I have already given the guy at the bike shop $40 because he had to order the clutch cable but to me if he has tightened it up and 20 mins later it snaps should he be to blame? And can you just put any clutch cable into any bike or does it have to be one from the company that made the bike?

  2. My Guess is they removed too much clearance ( if not ALL ), and your fork was bottoming out due to insufficient clutch cable travel
    I'd be asking them to replace it.

    PS: Did you notice the last bit of clutch travel ( when almost touching the grip ) was WAY TOO hard ?
  3. After

    After he adjusted it i barely had to pull the clutch in much becuase if i did i would just be sitting at the lights reving it because it only needed to be pressed in a very very small amount to get the clutch point. But it only lasted 20 mins after he tightened it.

  4. You could pull all day on a new clutch cable and never break it. Never. So how come an old clutch cable will break?

    Because the cable nipple in the lever is not lubricated, and as you pull in the clutch lever, the nipple rotates a little in its recess in the lever. When it is dry, the nipple "clicks" as it rotates, because it has to overcome the friction before it can rotate. These clicks put a lot of stress on the cable at the nipple (is that where it broke?) and the strands gradually break, one by one.

    In spite of what one well-meaning poster has said, it is not possible to adjust any clutch so that it pulls in and "locks". Well, I've never seen it and as I said earlier, even if it happened, you could pull as hard as you like and never break that cable.

    Unless the nipple is not lubricated correctly, and then it is just the pulling in and letting go which does it. Not bad adjustment. Not your mechanic, unless he is the dude who is not lubing the nipple correctly.


    Trevor G

    PS A correctly lubed cable nipple will always prevent a broken clutch cable. Unless you have a badly lubed nipple down at the clutch arm itself. Oddly enough, they don't often break there...

    PPS You could use any clutch cable, but the fittings and lengths of inner and outer cables vary...if you can find something that works, use it!

    PPPS I shudder as I read about you "stamping down" to change gears. I hope you don't blame the mechanic when a selector fork or gearchange pawl calls it quits.
  5. Your clutch cable was stuffed. It needed replacing. You wouldn't have made it far anyway. He tried to help you to get home, but your clutch cable was already too far gone. Don't blame him, just accept that he was right when he said you needed a new cable. They are consumable items like tyres and drive chains.
  6. His words

    His words were "This will make it easier for you to change gears until your clutch cable comes in about a week from now". Now i don't really know much about the mechanics of bikes so if he had told me that it was only to get me home i would have come home. Or i would have left it at the shop because now i will have to pay for them to come and pick the bike up from my house as i cant ride it there. If i knew the cable was going to snap that fast i would have left it at the shop until the cable came but he did not mention anything about that.
  7. surely you can replace the cable yourself :!:
    its just like doing a bmx brake cable!
  8. my clutch broke on my little bandit. Took it to the local bike shop. They had a longer one there (generic brand) they fed through and soldered ends on. They then lubed it up for me and everything. $40 and done in 15 minutes. Beats gettin my hands dirty :)
  9. It is almost impossible to predict exactly when they will snap.
    Imagine your drive chain, yes you can tell when it is loose and when it is worn out. However, can you predict exactly when it might fly off the sprockets or break? Neither can I. It's just one of them things that happens and you can't blame it on ANYONE. Just deal with it.
  10. Earlier this year the clutch cable on my ZZR snapped. Local shop (country town) said no worries to ordering one in - figured I'd fit it myself. They quoted next day. Long story short, 5 days later with no other transport I blew up at them (They kept saying it'd be in tomorrow...).

    The guy offered to solder a head onto another brand cable - it worked! Not for long though, a month or so later, felt it getting loose and sure enough it snapped. So I rang Brighton Kawasaki and they put a brand new one in an express post envelope - had it the next day :D

    Also learnt the hard way about replacing them... the easy way is to duct tape the new to the bottom of the old and pull through. First time I replaced it I had fairings everywhere :p
  11. clutch cable. A very handy spare to have if you are going to own the bike for a few years No fuss, no wait, just a replacement when the time comes. Dead money is not an issue. Useful spares with a second hand bike can increase it's appeal and signals to the buyer that you are not the kind of person who's inclined to neglect maintenance.
  12. Had the cable on my VTR250 go on me this morning on the way to work. Had to ride it back home with no clutch (and with all the drivers behind me no doubt snickering at me as I straddle-ran off from the lights so I wouldn't have that awful snapping jolt as first catches...). Then spent the next 2 hours trying to find a dealer in the Hornsby, NSW area who handled Honda (eventually found Sydney City Motorcycles at Lane Cove). Still - 2 days until I get the replacement part.

    I used to think public transport was bad compared to a car - compared to a bike? Forget it! Give me my freedom!!

    I thought that might be a plan when I replace mine - always good to hear from someone who has had the same thought and lived to tell of it. (Even if my bike is "naked", will no doubt make life a little easier.)