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Clutch Cable

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by resonator, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. On the way to work today my clutch has become much looser, like the cable is about to break. The thing is I replaced it only about 10,000km ago. Is this a normal amount of usage to expect, or will it just likely require an adjustment?

    By the way, its a CBR250rr and I'm constantly changing gears.

  2. If it come loose in one trip then I'd be looking for a loose adjuster.

    250s shouldn't break clutch cables unless you get them full of dirt or something.
  3. The top adjuster is fine, and the bottom one looks okay. I just got back from buying another cable now. When I get home, I'll see how strong the one that's in there is. If it breaks, then I'll just replace it. If it seems good then I'll hold onto the new one until next time.
  4. What exactly do you mean by "looser"?

    Is there more free play?

    Is the lever moving up and down (as against in and out towards the bars)?

    Is there less resistance to pulling the lever in?

    If the clutch is still working then it's unlikely to be a cable suddenly stretching - they either work or break, not stretch...


    Trevor G

    PS Clutch cables normally only break because the nipple is not lubricated correctly. If the lever "clicks" as you pull it in slowly your cable is getting ready to break.

    Remove the nipple and clean and lubricate it with water resistant grease. If it still clicks the area is contaminated with an incompatible lubricant. You need never break a clutch cable...
  5. The problem was that moving the lever the first 60% of it's range resulted in no slipping of the clutch, as in the cable had become longer.

    As it turned out ibast was spot on. The two nuts at the clutch side of the cable had become unlocked and had loosened the tension against the clutch lever (if that's what it's called).

    I had a good look at both ends of the cable and there is no fraying and is quite well lubed. It is also not making any noise as I engage and disengage the clutch, so I think all is good now.

    Thanks for your help.