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Clutch Cable.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by resonator, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. As I was putting my bike into 1st on my way out this morning the clutch cable broke. I've picked up another one today and just wondering if they need to be lubed and if so what with, or can I just install it as it comes?

    The bike is a CBR250rr and the cable is a new genuine honda.

    Also if you guys have any tips on how to replace it, that'd be real handy too.

  2. I'd lube it.

    Pretty easy to replace. Just slacken your adjustment and pull the old one out and put the new one in.

    Pay attention to the route of the old one as a minor deviation may cause problems
  3. Well i've got the clutch cable in but now the bike wont start anymore.

    Tried to to start it until the battery was dead but it wouldn't go. There were occasional little puffs of energy from the exaust like a little backfire.

    I gave it an hour rest then hooked it up to the car to start again and it was still the same for a while but now has just started backfiring loud enough to set the neighbourhood dogs off.

    I've checked that bike is in neutral, kill switch is off, petrol is on and have now ran out of ideas.

    What should I try now?
  4. Sounds like the backfiring is down to you filling up the pipes with unburnt fuel in your initial attempts to start it.

    Is there an interlock switch that prevents you from starting the bike with the sidestand down unless you've got the clutch pulled? If so, you may have disturbed the adjustment (although I wouldn't expect any life at all). Give it a while for all surplus fuel to evaporate and then try starting with the sidestand up.
  5. It turned out to be battery related. My initial attempts to jump the bike from my car didn't work because it seems that the battery was taking too much of the charge for itself, still leaving not enough to start the bike.

    Jumping from the car with the bikes battery disconnected worked.

    Thanks for you help guys, this seems to be solved.