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Clutch Cable...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Rented, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a quick question, if I may. Why would a clutch cable snap at the point where the adjuster is on the handle, on a bike 1.5 years old?

    The mechanic at the local listened to my story and said 'that isn't right' and had a look and promptly declared that they would do it under warranty, but they never indicated any fault.

    I know that they have failed to lubricate the bloody thing at service before (because I track it, it gets serviced twice as often), but after that episode I assumed that they would do so, and was assured it was a one off.

    What do you think? Should I add this to the list of things I need to do myself (and quite possibly I was a bit of a numpty for it not already being on that list).

  2. Poor rooting is the answer.
  3. Dunno, but, when it happened to me, I just assumed it was because I had bought a pommie bike, so it was sort of self inflicted.
  4. So Blabbs, if it is poor routing then it is Honda's error rather than the dealer? It's the original clutch cable...

    Hey CrazyCam, like the mechanic said, 'that's not right!'. A clutch cable is 6-7mm of wound steel, it shouldn't be snapping in a hurry unless there is a problem.
  5. I'd agree with blabbs , got to be poor routing causing undue friction on the cable somewhere - I'm still on the original cable on the 9r @ 137 thou km .
  6. Oh, I know that, but, technically, I suspect it wasn't the cable itself that broke.

    The wee nipple (calm down there, you lot!) which may not have been properly.... err, is it swagged, the word for clamped on under high pressure?

    Given the nature of the dealership I bought the bike from, and the trivial price of a new clutch cable, plus the work involved in fitting it, it was easier for me to ride another bike to fetch the replacement cable, fit it myself, and be done with the hassle.
  7. cables, chains and slings always fail near the ends.

    1.5 years is pretty piss poor, but not unheard of.

    I'm betting Honda claim "normal wear and tear". Yamaha certainly would.
  8. Swaged, pronounced sway gd.
  9. Thank you Peter.

    My education has always been sadly lacking in the area of technical words.
  10. if the ferrule (the end in the handle) is not greased it does not rotate fully in its housing, and this bends the wire back and forth on each clutch operation. the wire fatigues and snaps close to the 'swag dg' ferrule.

    Lube the cable and grease the ferrule at oil changes.
  11. I can remember reading in one service manual, I think it was a Suzuki one, that the clutch cable required oiling after every time it was ridden in the rain. So leaving it too a mechanic to do as part of a service every 12 months or 10,000km, might be leaving it a bit too long.

    So yes, add it to the list of jobs to do yourself between services.
  12. Agree 100%,learnt this on the bike with the heaviest clutch pull around,Laverdas,I always carry a spare cable,after a mod that lessens the pull not so much these days but before the mod I would brake a cable 3 or 4 times a year.
  13. Yeah I have decided as such. I now have a service manual for a 2012 'Blade which will help. I'll read that section and then get whatever tools are necessary, but I couldn't find a cable lube tool at the bike shop anywhere...

  14. its called an oil can
  15. What's wrong with a can of WD40. You guys will never make it come the zombie apocalypse
  16. WD40 is not a lubricant... it is a water displacement product.

    Try INOX instead of WD40 if you need to inject some lubricant
  17. told you the problem was rooting
  18. Oh really
    Next time try harder. It is actually quite a good lubricant.