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Clutch Cable - Suzi 250 Bandit

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by droy333, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hey All,

    Brand new member. I've read a few things on here.

    Basically just after a clutch cable for my little suzuki. I live on the gold coast area and I dont know which suppliers are around etc.

    Also im pretty good with my hands mechanically so I was wondering how difficult the clutch cable is to replace? Im aware it would need adjusting etc and Im not sure if I could do that right.

    How much we looking for a new clutch cable installed and adjusted?

    Any info would be great.

  2. Can't help on the supply/price issue but thought I should point out that early versions of the little Bandit had clip-ons, later models had flat bars. So there may be a difference in the length of the clutch cable between the two. Versions sold here only ever had flat bars so that may be the only spare carried by dealers - though if the earlier model is different should still be possible to chase up a new one from somewhere dealing in grey import parts/wrecks.
  3. ahh thanks for the reply. Not sure which one it is. Its a 1994 model and has the 40 HP engine (no indents in the side of the engine cover).
  4. Not sure which year exactly they changed but:
    Clip-ons look like this:
    Note that they angle down and towards the rider and each grip is seperate

    Standard bars look like this:
    Straighter and, more noticabely, you should be able to see the bar connecting the two handgrips together.
  5. mines the bottom one :)

    my exact bike... took the pic myself.


    cant post pictures yet apparently, add http:// to the front of it.
  6. You mean the top one right?
    The pic you've posted is definately an early model grey import with clip-ons.
    Edit: You might want to try this place for a replacement:
    (never dealt with them though so can't say if they're any good or not but they do seem to specialise in grey imports)
  7. oh ok. Mine has the bottom ones motor but looks more like the top one fairing/tank wise.
  8. Yeah quite common for grey imports to be made up from "parts" so not uncommon for the engine and frame not to line up. Not really an issue though, it's still a GJ74A engine so mechanically it's going to be identical to the original (so no difference in clutch cable at that end).
  9. kk thanks. Any idea how hard it is to change it? Cant be that hard can it? It is a cable after all. Probably have to open up the gearbox though huh?
  10. Not sure, never changed one though did adjust mine a few times. I've got the workshop manual at home though so I'll have a look and see if it has anything on changing the cable and get back to you. I'm guessing you will have to remove the side plate from the engine but shouldn't be too tricky to change. Actually come to think of it you are sure that the cable is worn out/broken and not just in need of adjustment right?
  11. definately sure, snapped at the lever where the ball is. Called a local bike shop pretty close to where i live and asked them. They said they could make one up (ie run cable through old sleeve etc) and install it for me for $45 while I wait (i'd prefer to watch them do it, that way if they break something I'll know).

    Anyway thanks for all your help. Might just pay the $45 and get someone else to screw around with it.