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Clutch cable snapped!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by josh_1988, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. i was ridin home last night around 9 oclock (not many cars on the road) and my clutch cable snapped... wasnt sure what it was at first but i knew i had no clutch i managed to ride home safley onyl having to shift gears 3 or 4 times took the back streets to avoid stopping at any traffic lights cause i knew i would have stalled it or not been able to get it going from neutral without clutch but i made it home and the dam thing was broke its a hyosung gt250r 06 model so i guess this is the first thing thats gone wrong with it.... taking it over to the shop soon to see if its under warranty

    good but scary experience...

  2. *mod-edit moved to Technical and Troubleshooting torque*
  3. nasty, mine snapped a few weeks onto my learners. ill treated by a previous owner. bit of oil on mine every month keeps mine nice. but mine is a fair bit older than yours(its a fair bit older than me :LOL: )
  4. similar thing happened to me about 4 weeks ago on my Hyo GT250R. I noticed it was getting harder to change gears while riding so made my way to a mate's place. By the time I got there there was like 3 wires of cable left. BTW this happened at 5000kms.

    Went to close motorcycles in Redfern, bought a new cable (approx $40), then went home and changed it. Took me and my mate about 1 hour to change. It is my first bike so I just followed the way the old one was. It wasn't too hard to change.
  5. i wonder if this is a hyo prob? i had a guy with a new 650 having immobiliser probs.
  6. Where did it break, near the nipple at the hand lever?

    If so the cure is relatively simple, but it will keep doing it unless you fix it.


    Trevor G
  7. Yes that is exactly where it broke. I did replace it with a new cable but I get the feeling you are suggesting there is something else I should do.
  8. That is where mine broke as well. Almost 5000 km's ago. What do you reckon the problem/cure is?
  9. you can solder on a new nipple || resolder the old one on.
  10. Easy problem, the clutch cable is about $20 from Peter Stevens easy to replace.

    Now why is it happening? Again PoP the issue is that you need to put some grease on it near the lever. I have done this after two snapped cables in under 10,000kms and now 20odd thousand later no problems. :grin:
  11. And then grease it!

    But replace it, $20 for a new one why bother??
  12. just near the hand leaver is where mine snapped also.... im just about to go and buy a new cable and i will grease it.

    id say that it is just another characteristic of the hyo's like their squeaky brakes
  13. Good one. :)

    Except you might be a little clearer: the grrease goes on the nipple and inside the hole in the lever where the nipple turns.

    Use water resistant grease, as sold by that description.

    Also make sure when you adjust the cable adjusters that the slot which allows the cable to pass thru is never turned up or to the front. Otherwise, this will allow dirt to enter quite easily.

    How do you know beforehand that youyr cable could break? As you slowly pull the lever in you will feel it catching, or actually hear it clicking. This strains the cable in a way that is never meant to happen, and so it breaks at the point of stress. Always lube the bottom nipple/pivot as well. The lever and cable should move in a silky-smooth way.


    Trevor G

    PS You must remove the cable from the lever to lube the nipple properly.
  14. Apparently you shouldn't reuse the old cable as it has oil in it and might not grip too well when you solder it on. It may seem ok for a few rides but then come off. Guess it wouldnt be a problem if you blow torched where you were going to solder.

    I had the clutch cable snap on my bandit. Lights arent too much of a problem unless its up hill. Just get a bit of a kick along in neutral and snap it into first. Its hard not going through lights on the gold coast.
  15. It's poor assembly, if the greased it up then would be no problems. :mad:
  16. Aaah, like anything, if you do it properly (thoroughly degrease the cable, using white spirit first, then a water-soluble degreaser to finish off) you could resolder the nip. A torch will will tend to turn the oil to carbon of some sort which will still need to be cleaned off - even harder IYAM. :)


    Trevor G
  17. it isnt the harder option if you can no longer buy a spare clutch cable
  18. $20 for a new one, why bother????

    Unless they don't make em I suppose?
  19. Guys,

    the cluth cable problem on the Hyo's snaps at the elbow section just aftere the handle. ther is a metal elbow that wears the cable out and snaps it.

    Not fun... happened at 5000 K's on my hyo
  20. If it makes you Whoflung lads feel any better, this just happened on Cheng's Suzi Across too.