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Clutch Cable Replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Hey Yall,
    Clutch cable snapped on the way home last night. Couldnt ride it home due to heavy traffic so me and the old man got a trailer and got it home.
    Now...Is it easy to DIY replacement or should I get it taken to a place?

    Hyosung gt250. Original cable got me 14 thousand K's..daily commuter so im not complaining.

    I cant find any info anywhere on tips on how to change it and things to look out for when doing so.
  2. Easy to replace.

    Just make sure you route it the same as the old one and try not to trap it under the tank etc.
  3. Not too difficult a job if you have the right gear - I replaced a GSX250F one by the roadside a month or two ago with only rudimentary tools, and by god that was a pain in the arse. Depending on the design you might have to pull some covers off, maybe lift the tank etc. Either way you'll be glad you've got a naked.

    Good luck, I don't know what I can recommend if you only got 14k out of the first one, you could try keeping the new one lubricated every month or two but then it might just be general Whoflung shitness rather than bad maintenance that caused it to fail in the first place.
  4. hmmm I already replied to this but here we go again. Easy fix just really take note of how it attachs to the bike. I took a digital photo, best thing to do when doing anything new!

    Remember to add a bit of grease where the cable sits in the clutch cable, I lost two cables then tried this and had no further problems. I kept a spare in the boot just in case.

    The only tools required a couple of spanners and a bit of time. They really are easy to do and at $20 for a cable not expensive either. No need to remove tanks etc, I assume you have the naked. You can download the service book that can also help with some pictures, but beware of the korean english! Sign up to korider and you'll find links to the service manuals
  5. Fixed that for ya, excellent tip.
  6. Fanx mate.
  7. Spank you fellaz. I appreciate the advice. Was easy. Not a naked by the way but yes. clutch feels nice and smooz now.
  8. Anytime mate, did you remember the grease?