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Clutch Cable goes SNAP

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 2Fast, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Riding home from work this arvo, heading down spit hill towards Manly for those that know. In 3rd going along with traffic at 40-50kms ish. I went to upshift or downshift (cant remember which), when suddenly the clutch lever becomes loose.

    Decided while i'm still learning it's probably not such a good idea to try get home without a clutch, managed to get myself to the carpark a bit further up. Then waited 2 hours for a tow truck.

    Bad afternoon :(
  2. That sucks, hope the tow truck didn't charge you too much
  3. Free with NRMA, but first they sent out a mechanic, who took an hour to get there, takes a look for 2 seconds and calls a tow truck, which then takes another 45 minutes. Note to everyone buying a second hand bike, might be a good idea to get cables replaced when you buy it.

    Oh well, another learning experience.
  4. Yea i know how this feels...

    Its a bad feeling when you've just realised your clutch cable is broken.

    Luckily when mine broke i was in familar grounds and managed a way home with only two set of lights stopping me. One of which i managed to get a push from a nice bloke (passenger from a car next to me at the lights) and one more further down which i just duckwaddled and clutch (well actually popped it into 2nd) and was off home.

    Good experience though. Everyone should experience it lol. Go cut you clutch cable today. :p

    Sucks that you had to get a tow truck and all. Ohwell...may this be a reminder for us all to lube our cables today!
  5. Agree about carryig a spare, but you should also try and learn to change gear without the clutch anyways....
  6. thats even more scary...
  7. If you don't know how to do it, almost everything about riding a bike is scary.

    And learning how to do things before you need to and there is no pressure on is a lot less scary than when you ned to because you have no other option.
  8. I'm afraid of snapping clutch cables ever time I'm at the front of traffic and stopped at an intersection. Worry I might launch out into the middle of traffic with no warning.

    Anyway, can't imagine cables are dear to replace - might get it done next service.
  9. An incentive to be on your rear brake perhaps?
  10. That sucks !
    Happened to me before, albiet was on dirt, had to ride 45 min with no clutch or front brake ( both levers broken )
  11. Regular maintenance is your friend; my bike's clutch cable is 121,000kms old....
  12. changing gear sans clutch is straight forward.

    - get revs slightly above a matched gearbox/clutch ratio,
    - let revs slowly decrease applying gentle pressure to the shifter,
    - the slowly decreasing revs will at some point match the gear speed and itll pop in.


    i broke my clutch pedal in a car once and used this method from sydney to newcastle with no hassles ;)

    it seems to work fine on the bike too, just no high-rpm shifting, and getting it into first from neutral is a little tricky. you need to get a bit of forward bike motion going of the leg powered variety.
  13. If you have a Hoysung then cary a spare [trust me] and also grease the end where it goes in the clutch handle.
  14. Clutchless shifting is a piece of cake. It's just when you need to stop and start that you have problems. Putting it in neutral, trying to get a roll on with your feet and pop it into first isn't a whole lot of fun.
  15. Thanks for the advice,

    Next time i'll be able to get it home with these tips, (hopefully there isnt a next time though).

    Kudos to Bike Biz Parramatta though, picking up the bike from the Northern Beaches and replacing the cable under goodwill.
  16. About the best advice you have got here.


    Top right of page on the link.

    Never leave home without one.

    ASK how to properly use it when you buy one, it also is useful on your throttle cables but once again ASK how to do it first.

    All the best.