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Clutch cable getting worn down

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dbrain, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Not sure if this belongs here or maintenance and servicing, but anyway.
    I noticed while fiddling with my bike this afternoon that my clutch cable is getting worn down by the cable.. holder.. metal thing. It seems to rub up and down while steering. Pictures attached below.

    Is there anything I can do about this?
    Should I bend the metal thing?
    Is that plastic wrappy thing supposed to be covering the clutch cable?
    Should I wrap some electrical tape around it to prevent further damage?
    What is the circumference of a moose?

    Based on the wear this has probably been happening for a while.



  2. I would be applying some black tape around the affected cable as a buffer.
    You could also apply a black cable tie to it and the cable behind it to pull it away from the metal bar, this may stop the rubbing.

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  3. Good idea on the cable tie, and have put black tape on it until there's a more permanent solution. Thanks!
  4. It's not really a problem, other than cosmetic. The steel caseing (under the rubber casing) is a spring steel and that mild stell bracket will never wear through it.

    the mild steel bracket is just a tidy, so you could bend it. The electrical tape, could be applied to the bracket, instead of the cable or you could get some dense rubber tube and slit it lengthwise and slip it on the bracket.
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  5. Thanks for the response. I noticed the metal casing blocking it from doing real damage, so I wasn't too stressed. Just figure it's not supposed to happen, so maybe something is out of place. Considered bending the metal thing, but didn't want to hurt the bikes feelings ;)

    I will fiddle with bits and pieces (tape, some rubber) to prevent it from getting worse and keep an eye on it during normal maintenance stuff.
  6. The cable is either too short or tangled up below the headstock level. Try dragging some of it upward, and it will sit above the head stem and stop rubbing on it.

    Once the outer sheath (plastic) wears through, the underlying aluminum sheath may start to scratch the head stem, and it will also get water in it which will eventually make the cable stiff to operate, with the end result likely a snapped cable.