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Clutch bleedingProducts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by siwanut, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. today my bike has been in the rain for a while due to me having to ride to work and college

    what would be best to use to bleed the clutchcable?

    and what do u use?

    i do feel a little stiff in the cable.. oh and i feel alot of free's on the pull of the cable .. is that the sign of me having to change the cable or jus tighten it?

  2. little bit of slack in the cable is good, helps makes sure the clutch isnt pulled in, i can get pinched a little around corners.

    U can tighten it just cause it's metal dont mean it dont strech. theres adjusment thingimobos for that.

    Any oil will do the job (cooking oil might smell funny thou) just pour some in anything form engine oil to multiprpose sewing machine lube that u get from the 2 dollar shop
  3. i've got something i use for my bike chain .. is that doable ?
  4. Paul, let's be methodical.

    First loosen off the adjuster at the clutch lever end, and pop the cable end out of the lever. Lift the cable up until it is vertical, and slowly pour some light machine oil, or a light lubricant, into the end of the cable. You'll have to do it slowly because thet space between the cable inner and the sheath is minimal, but be patient and you will see the oil gradually disappearing into the cable. You'll know when to stop when you see oil starting to ooze out of the cable at the engine end.

    Re-connect the cable to the lever and adjust the lever slack; it should be between half and a centimetre. Don't start the engine, just squeeze the lever in and out a dozen or so times to distribute the oil. You should feel the lever move more freely that it is now.

    But don't worry too much about the bike being out in the wet; they're designed to do that.....

    Oh, and DON'T use WD-40 or the like; they are not lubricants. In fact their main use is to disperse lubricant.

    Hope this helps; I looked for some diagrams, but my brain is tired...
  5. heya hornet yeah that sounds pretty simple enough champ dont need diagram.

    i bought one of those clutch clamps thing majig.

    u put the cable through that .. spray lube into the little hole provided and oil runs down into the bottom..

    yeah i read about WD40- and the cons about that products. .

    i've got some chainlube .. can those be used?
  6. "Clutch bleeding", I think hydraulic clutch.
  7. naw i got cable :)
  8. yeah chain lube stuff should work (never tried it thou)
    Even thou most of them are more waxes/silcones then oils
  9. Spray some lithium grease into the cable. Don't use chain lube, it will dry tacky once the solvent evaporates, and will attract dirt
  10. i jus went MCAs and got a all round lube.. i forgot it's name but after i finish i'll come back up and let u know what it is ..

    *goal today*

    Change brake lever
    lube clutch cable.

    then GYM!
  11. Okay went to MCAS got some LUBE for General use. and some clutch lube *all round* no specific high end stuff..

    and yeah i got to change the brake lever aswell so that was a new experienced. fun =]

    w0ood now i feel like taking off more stuff like fairings to clean but i guess not yet hehe maybe with sumone experienced hehe :)

    it shouldnt be as hard as lego :p
  12. Yes lego > life.

    Take the fairings off and give everything a polish inside so it looks great. No one will be able to tell the difference but it'll make you feel better :grin:
  13. hey phizog how about i'll pop by and u can teach me a few things or two if you're keen :) .. lunch at the pub on me :)