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clutch and fairing and stuff

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. WELL the ride home was interesting

    in the morning i noticed it was hard to get into neutral and it was trying to take off with clutch all the way in first.

    on the way home just off hoddle onto eastern the clutch just snapped "AHH" but i could still change gears so i thought id be right.. until i had to stop on springvail road.. 5m before i realised i couldnt use clutch control so i stalled and couldnt get it going again.

    well a bloke stopped and we decided to try to pull start it.. well that didn twork too well and i low sided, fairing scratched top fairing cracked and indicated snapped.

    so yeah, will try to get is home tonight via push start and go from there :(

    thanks to warwickfor th elift home...


    can anyone help me install a clutch cable :(
  2. Welcome to the world of clutch cables! Buy a spare, keep it on the bike. Or get a 'solderless nipple' (how much would a soldered nipple hurt?) from Modak or any other "old fogey" bike shop and pack it in your tool kit.

    Mine is in there, along with a spare chain link.
  3. And NEVER, NEVER try to have a bike TOWED.
  4. Ouch, tough break.
    Seems like you (like me) are getting rid of all your bad luck before the majority of the nice weather riding season starts.

    Who's stupid idea was it to try and to pull start it!? I'm gonna assume you didnt remove the front fairing... so that was going to get messy from the get go. :(

    Doing a clutch cable isn't too hard. Seconded the advice for carrying a spare clutch cable. Me think's i'll go get one and add it to the tool kit.
  5. hey koma, whats happening with your bike?

    yeah tough luck:(

    well.. guess ill take it to pete to do the clutch.. or get himt o pick it up.. or something ;\
  6. Oh cosi why did't you call me... I have a trilor and a cluch cable...
  7. Being towed is terrifying. My T250 holed a piston and my dad came out in his car. We tied a rope to the towball, and wrapped the other end once around the headstem. I then held the end of the rope in my teeth.

    And we headed home down the Tullamarine freeway in late afternoon traffic

    I shit myself. Bikes do not follow the same cornering line as a car - all the forces seem wrong, an idiot tried to merge between us, my teeth started to hurt. We went from Tullamarine to Caulfield - freeway followed by peak hour traffic.

    I'm now a lot wiser. Beg, borrow, steal or hire a trailer.
  8. You didn't read the post about it getting blown over in the wind!? :roll:
    Yeah, just the usual bad luck stuff.

  9. that .. is one the craziest things I've heard of :shock:

    I thought it was only like 100 bucks to hire a trailer from shell petrol stations...
  10. Yeah, well, it was 20 years ago, I was a lot younger. The great thing about getting older is all the experiences you accumulate. I just wish i could remember them