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cluster clock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Banana Fred, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Quick question:

    There's been a number of times riding into work when I know I'll be arriving late and keep lamenting the fact that there is no clock mounted on the instrument cluster for a quick time check.
    How easy would it be to mount a small clock to the instrument cluster and where would I get one from that is small enough? Can you get ones that have the neg 12v backlit illumination so that it is visible at night?

  2. There's been a supplier of them that I saw at PI, the Expo and at the Southern Classic - sorry name escapes me but will try and find name and contact info for you. They had a clock you mount to the bars (unsure if you can clip them to all types of bars) and in a ciuple of different sizes. Don't think they had a backlight. Try ebay as well.
  3. Got myself a $5 cycle speedo with clock from D!ck Smith. comes with a mount onto the bars and detaches from mount very easily. No back light, no waterproofing. Just remember to take it with you when you park, and only look at the clock at the lights. It's usually clear enough to see through my tinted visor.
  4. I just went to South Melbourne market, and picked up a cheapie water-proof digital watch that has large digit display and a large light button on the front that I can just mash with the glove and it lights up at night for about 20 secs. The strap was long enough to fit around the top bar clamp, and it does the job just fine.
  5. I did something similar. I looked around the market for a cheap watch with a black face and numerals that looked similar to my bike's dials.

    Cost me all of $9.50, and it's waterproof. I removed the strap and velcro'ed it to the headstem bolt (neatest place for it on my bike, and it's easy to see).

    No backlight, but I can live with that. Looks okay, too. :)
  6. How does doing a time check make you get to work on time LOL. Maybe just leave at a time that you know will make you arrive on time, not by the skin of your teeth/late?
  7. Gotta admit that just velcroing a nice simple digital display is a very inexpensive & neat solution! But due to the night riding I'm still toying with the idea of wiring in permanent backlit illumination...

    Ahh well sometimes I get delayed, not just on the way to work but trips elsewhere and I really can't be arsed digging my mobile phone out of my pocket to check what time it is. All I need is to be able to have a quick glance while I'm riding and I'm happy!
  8. I stuck a clock on for a while.... then took it right off again. I realised I quite enjoyed not knowing or caring what time it was.
  9. This mob have a pretty good collection of clocks you can either mount to various places, or they even have ones that stick on - all designed for motorbikes and weatherproof. Supposed to be pretty good: