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clunky xs1100 yamaha

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pammy311, May 7, 2008.

  1. My old girl has the clunkiest gearbox in the world except between 2 and 3rd.
    Do I have to live with it?

  2. Welcome (better do an intro post as some people around here are a bit sensitive)

    As to the gearbox, the answere is "it depends".

    It may be that is just the way it is. It may be the external linkages are worn out or it may be the selector drum is worn. Chances are it's all three.

    check your external linkages for excessive play. fix/replace those if there is too much freeplay.

    I'd say it's not worth replacing the selector drum. I'd certainly find out what they were like new before I committed to that expence.

  3. Concurage! (+1)
  4. Hmm. Early, humungously powerful (for the time), heavy Jap shaftie with an unpleasant gearbox.

    I suspect you may have to live with it. Early shafties were not known for the pleasantness of their gearchanges, and now your bike has ~25 years of wear on it. The couple of Excessive Elephants I've (briefly) ridden had boxes about on a par with the BMW K100 I was later to become familiar with, ie not brilliant on first accquaintance but improving with practice. Apart from the one that had lost 2nd gear more or less entirely, that is :( .

    To be honest, if it selects all gears, I'd say you're ahead of the game. See if familiarity and technique help.
  5. Thanks.

    You're right , should have introduced at first post.
    I have a 81 xs11 that I have fallen in love with.
    Getting it resprayed next week.
    I live at Patonga nsw.
    A great destination for a ride now that we have a little tavern with food.
    Riding the putty rd this Sat, I'll see a few of you out there.