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Clunky Gear Change

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nodz, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Noticed while driving home last night that the gear changing both up and down gear appears to be more clunky and noisy than it has been in the past. Noticed also slightly more difficult to get the bike into fourth and fifth gears when changing up and then getting into third and second when changing down.
    Cluth appears to be engaging and disengaging at the same point when I pull in or let out clutch as previous.
    I'm changing up gears at recommended times according to bike manual - 20kph for 2nd, 30kph for 3rd, 40kph for 4th and 50kph for 5th.
    Also changing down gears at recommended times according to bike manual - to 4th at 45kph and 3rd at 25kph.
    Stood bike on centre stand and let it cool down, checked the oil level to determine if this was low and therefore affecting gearox, oil level ok.
    Anyone any sugggestions where to look?

  2. i would check the chain it mite need tightning ive noticed if my chain is a little loose it becomes clunky in the gears


    emanouel 8)
  3. When was the last time you changed the oil?
  4. Haven't changed oil since I bought it. Been riding it for about 4 weeks and completed about 1000km on it.
    I'll look at doing an oil change asap.
    I'll look at chain tension as well.
    Bike due for 24K km service in 1500km time, so if clunking still persists after I've looked at chain and oil, I'll get it in for it's service a little early.
  5. I had gear changes that felt clunky, but weren't noisy. The clutch cable was badly frayed which caused this. I had it replaced and now the gear changes are much smoother.
  6. Mine always clunks a bit when the oil is due for changing....
  7. Nodz
    Have you made sure clutch cable is adjusted correctly?
    No excessive free play ect...
  8. Change the oil on it and get the clutch cable lubed at the same time.
    When it is due for an oil change it does tend to get clunky.
    (my CD250u which had the exact same engine clutch gearbox did the same when it was due for an oil change, call it a service reminder)
    Also check the chain slack.
  9. I reckon you're on the right track with the oil, my CB250 gets a bit clunky when the oil starts to get dirty. Not that its the smoothest gear change at the best of times but it definitely gets clunkier.
  10. Does the night hawk have a few linkages to the gear selector shaft?

    Make sure they are not too loose.

    Had a Laverda where the linkages come up and over the engine from the right side. They needed to be spot on to make it OK.

    Don't over tighten any thing.
  11. Dunno if it'll help you Nodz, but my Spada had clunky gear changes too. Had it serviced professionally a week or so ago (only do this the first time to make sure everything's OK) and spoke with the mechanic who after a test ride told me that this wasn't unusual with these gearboxes. But today I dumped the (new) oil and refilled with a semi-synthetic bike oil (Castrol GTS) - the difference is amazing! Much smoother changes, with everything sounding quite a bit quieter.

    Now perhaps I'm fooling myself, but I really don't think so!
  12. Oil is the most likely cause as well as of course clutch cable. It is amazing how much of a difference can be felt between different oils. The smothest gear changing oil I have ever experienced is with an oil that is hard to get (which also means cant remember the name of it) but I do know it is what KTM use as their standard oil. The difference after using this oil made me check the VIN and engine numbers it was that dramatic. If people wish I will get the name of it. Problem is it aint cheap either! Let me know if you want me to chase it down.

  13. Put Shell GX4 (I think that's what it is) and did a chain lubrication, chain adjustment (tightened) and rear wheel alignment done. All clunks gone away, except for the occasional poor gear change from the operator...:LOL: