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clunking noise.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Honda Phantom, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I went for a ride today from Albury NSW to Mt Buffalo VIC. When I got to Bright, I started to feel a clunking vibration on my left foot peg. It feels like it was the chain, being too loose, but I have checked it and it seem to be in good order and at the correct tension. It's a loud, strong and slow clunk when travelling under 60km p/h, and as I hit 100km p/h + its gets quicker till it’s almost unnoticeable. When travelling down Mt Buffalo, I put it in neutral, and it stopped the clunking... Does anyone know what it could be? It doesn’t sound like a motor issue, but something to do with the chain or sprocket.

    Cheers for any help!

  2. It sounds speed related rather than rev related so it's more likely something is banging on something else when it moves, rather than just rattling. It could be the chain hitting the stand perhaps. Try checking the tension when the stand is up and check that it is tight enough not to hit.

    I could be wrong, but I do think you're on the right track. :)
  3. Could be a tight spot(s) on the chain. So the sprockets + chain would need replacing.

    I got the same kind of clunking when the sprocks and chain were quite worn.
  4. Give me your bike! - Save you the mechanical problems!
  5. I hope they aren’t expensive (sprockets + chain).... I’ve got a feeling that it is a chain/sprocket issue. Could it be a missing tooth on the sprocket or would that make the bike unrideable?
  6. From memory i think you will be look at around $300 for a shop to fit a new chain and a set of sprockets! I could be wrong but i think that's about right. If you do it yourself you'll prolly save around $100-$150.
  7. I had the same sort of thing - the more it went on the more I listened and was sure it was getting worse and worse. Drove me crazy.

    In the end I gave the sprockets and chain a good clean, readjusted and lubed the chain. I don't know if it was the chain slapping or just some gunk making a the noise as the chain passed over it but it ended up going away.

    I'd say give that a go before going out and spending up on a new chain and sprockets.
  8. I took it to my servicer, and he cleaned and relubed the chain and its good as gold !!!! All for $20.

    Cheers guys