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Clubs in Newcastle ????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. I am moving to newcastle shortly , other than the grey army (ulysees) there are no listings on here , do any of you Novacastrians know of any social riders groups ?

  2. S.Y.L.D.B.
  3. please explain ???
  4. Why not start you're own Netrider coffee night tribe?
  5. I think i may , there are a few newie people here so i guess theres numbers
  6. Does Newcastle KNOW you're coming, Rumpy?? :grin:

  7. heheheheee eeeeeee .... they bloody well will when i get there :twisted:
  8. friday nights along the foreshore rumpy, usually get a few bikes along there (along with the ricer cars) after about 9ish pm. Drags are generally on after the car park shuts at 11pm (under stockton bridge depending on police presence) usually good for a laff.
    Pays to check out what kind of unmarked cars are around as there are generally plenty on friday nites patrolling around. I usually just ride past newcastle station when i can, and note all the unmarked cars parked in the "police only parking"
    Feel free to add me to msn messenger if you like danielmc00@hotmail.com Im from near newcastle
  9. Support Your Local Dingle Berries.

  10. tell me more about the dingleberries ??
  11. thanks mate will check it out , dont have msn messenger too many security leaks ... would love to blow away a ricecooker , with the doof doof pumping

  12. thanks shmuck :wink: dont let your berries dingle too low or they just may get caught
  13. The owners of that site just started a biker war with the DBA.

    G.F.Y ;)
  14. Eeeek! :shock:

    Note to self... don't go to Newcastle.
  15. thanks mate , just checked them out the 1st one sounds ok but like you said its not very current i posted there anyway , the second one looks more like a cruiser orientated group anyway thanks again
  16. hehehe .... its ok im only after the hotted up type :wink: