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Club turns on Pittman

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,18612048%5E2862,00.html

    Club turns on Pittman
    Luke Dennehy
    JANA Pittman was in tears early yesterday morning after being booed by a nightclub crowd.
    Australia's golden girl of the track had to be comforted by fiance Chris Rawlinson backstage after the response.
    Pittman had been introduced to the 2500 Last Lap crowd at the QBH club by MC Michael Roberts.
    Witnesses said she could not believe such a negative reaction after her successful gold medal winning Commonwealth Games and her overwhelmingly positive response at the MCG.
    Roberts said yesterday he was still "gobsmacked" at the crowd's reaction and friends and other athletes said the crowd's behaviour was disgusting.
    "I just couldn't believe it," Roberts told the Herald Sun. "I felt really sorry for her.
    "I tried to comfort her onstage a little by sticking pretty close to her.
    "I fired a question to her about running for Australia and what it was like to perform like she did at the MCG.
    "To her credit, she toughed it out and
    answered the question, then spun on her heels and went.
    "I know there were tears out the back and that she was pretty shattered."
    Pittman was introduced to the packed nightclub about 1.30am, just after fellow gold medallists the Hockeyroos and 4 x 400m relay runners Mark Ormrod and Chris Troode.
    All these athletes received a huge cheer from the crowd.
    Roberts introduced her a second time after the first negative response.
    The crowd response improved, but some booed again.
    Outside the packed venue Pittman received a huge cheer and Roberts said the same welcome was expected inside.
    "Here was a person that has run her heart out and that reaction I didn't expect," he said.
    After being consoled backstage, Pittman later headed up to the VIP Gold Room at QBH.
    Still ashen-faced, she received a positive response from fellow athletes including Craig Mottram, John Steffensen and discus gold medallist Scott Martin, and by the end of the night Pittman was smiling again.
    Before her 400m hurdle run last week, Pittman lost sleep at the thought of being booed at the MCG, but those fears were unfounded.
    "I would hate to think anyone would boo her because I'm worried at how she might react," Rawlinson said at the time.
    Pittman will put the Games behind her this week as she prepares to marry Rawlinson.
    The Last Lap was full of gold medal winning athletes late on Saturday night. As well as the track and field stars, gold medallist boxers Brad Pitt and Jarrod Fletcher and our gold medal hockey women all partied into early Sunday morning.
    Australian Commonwealth Games athletics legend Jane Flemming and 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games men's 100m sprint champion Linford Christie joined long jump world record holder Mike Powell at the club.
    Traffic was heavy in Melbourne at 3am on Sunday and many restaurants and bars were still full. 
  2. What does she ride??
  3. who cares ! . . lol
    damn, melbournians, you'll never get that reaction from the Olympic city . . . Sssidenie ! . . . (puts on flame suit :grin: )

    Going on what she rides . . .
    At least Tasmyn Lewis is a HRCA member and goes around on a Honda @125 scooter. :p
  4. i thought lewis had a nice CBR?